What Is Max Holloway’s Walkout Song? All Blessed’s Picks

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He’s one of the most famous and loved UFC fighters of all time, and no wonder because of his unique personality and commitment to the fight game. It makes his walkouts always exciting.

Max Holloway’s walkout song for UFC On ESPN 44 against Arnold Allen was Forgiveless (Feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard) by SZA (Spotify), followed by Hawaiian Kickboxer by Moke Boy (Spotify).

He also used Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush for UFC 276 in the past, along with Game Over by Lil Flip and Nonstop by Drake at UFC 231. But he usually plays Hawaiian Kickboxer by Moke Boy on all walkouts to represent his native Hawaii.

Ready to learn more about each Max Holloway walkout song? Keep scrolling.

UFC On ESPN 44 (Vs. Arnold Allen)

For Holloway’s matchup this weekend against Arnold Allen, he walked out to the song Forgiveless (Feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard) by SZA (Spotify), followed by his usual mashup with Hawaiian Kickboxer by Moke Boy (Spotify).

Keep reading below to learn more about the Hawaiian song that features in most of his walkouts.

Hawaiian Kickboxer by Moke Boy

For most of Holloway’s career, he’s used the song Hawaiian Kickboxer by Moke Boy during his UFC walkouts.

It’s a song native to his origins in Hawaii. The song’s creator, Moke Boy, actually shares the same hometown as Max of Waianae in Hawaii.

The musician’s full name is Moke Boy Kamealoha, and he wrote his song Hawaiian Kickboxer when he was kicked out of Waianae High School and had to learn to fight to survive at his new high school, Nanakuli High School.

The song verses have several deeper meanings related to Max Holloway’s fighting style, career, and Hawaiian attitude.

When translated, phrases like everyone begins with the lessons in the first verse — which reminds me of Holloway’s attitude of progression and as he often says “You’re only as good as your last fight”.

The chorus, don’t look down, look forward reminds me of Max’s fighting style of applying constant pressure on his opponents and never backing away.

The final verse of the song seals the deal of its heart of the Hawaiian people and their fighting spirit:

The strong and the brave gather in a circle
Making ready for the session
They train their bodies and their minds to think as one
That’s how you make Hawaiian kickboxer

Song: Hawaiian Kickboxer by Moke Boy

UFC 276: Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

Holloway changed up his usual song preference for his very special walkout at UFC 276 to fight against Alexander Volkanovski a third time, where he selected Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

The song blasted into the number one chart spot in 2022 because of its use in the famous TV series Stranger Things.

In the show, the song depicts several epic moments for the character Max Mayfield overcoming the mind control of the season’s archenemy, Vecna.

Max Holloway was obviously a big fan of the show to use it for his walkout.

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Plus, there is some underlying meaning and similarity between Max, the fighter, and Max, from Stranger Things, as both needed to overcome significant mental obstacles to defeat the enemy.

Of course, in the end, Max sadly lost his third dust-up with Alexander Volkanovski as The Great proved to be just too slick, fast, and prepared for Holloway.

UFC on ABC 1: Mt. Everest by Labrinth

For Max Holloway’s fight against Calvin Kattar in 2021, he walked out to a mashup of Mt. Everest by Labrinth, followed by his usual Hawaiian Kickboxer by Moke Boy.

During that eventful fight, Max broke the record for most significant strikes in a single fight.

He put on an absolute display of boxing prowess and shouted, “I’m the best boxer in the UFC!” while slipping punches from Kattar and countering.

An unbelievable display of bravado and skill only made us love him even more.

UFC 245: B.O.M.B.S. by Fabolous

In the first faceoff between Holloway and Volkanovski, Max used the song B.O.M.B.S by Fabolous to lead his entrance, followed by his usual Hawaiian Kickboxer by Moke Boy.

This was one of my favorite UFC fights because the two were putting on a clinical striking performance that lasted the whole five rounds of the co-main event.

Max didn’t win their first matchup and lost on a unanimous decision.

UFC 236: Walk It, Talk It by Migos feat. Drake

Back when The Blessed Max Holloway first entered the UFC, he fought Dustin Poirier and lost to a triangle armbar submission.

It was surely a loss that Max wanted to recover by defeating his early rival, The Diamond Dustin Poirier.

Between that first loss and their rematch at UFC 236, Max had dominated the ranks and became the Featherweight champion.

In the same timeframe, Poirier had also improved and was the then-Lightweight champion. Max was moving up a weight class to take on Dustin and try to recover both belts to become a new champ-champ.

So for his entrance at UFC 236, Max walked out to Walk It, Talk It by Migos ft. Drake, followed by another mashup into his favored Hawaiian Kickboxer by Moke Boy.

Max was not successful in the rematch and lost by a unanimous decision. But he always showed heart in his greatest defeats like this one.

UFC 231: Game Over by Lil Flip & Nonstop by Drake

For Max Holloway’s matchup with Brian Ortega at UFC 231, he walked out to a unique mashup that included his original Hawaiian Kickboxer, but with Game Over by Lil Flip and Nonstop by Drake leading the walk.

It hasn’t been entirely clear why Max chose these songs for this walkout, so it’s down to a bit of conjecture.

Often the case with fighters is that they’ll pick a song for specific lyrics, or the song title, to show their personal intention for that particular fight.

So I can take a guess that Max wanted to walk into his matchup with Brian Ortega, saying that it’s going to be a “non-stop game over” for him.

And for that occasion, that was certainly true as Holloway defeated Ortega via TKO in the fourth round.

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