What Is Colby Covington’s Walkout Song? Heel Of The UFC

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Colby is one of the most hotly debated fighters currently in the UFC. Does he deserve the easy route to a Welterweight title shot? Who knows, but you came here to find out his walkout song. So here’s the short answer:

Colby Covington’s walkout song is Medal by composer Jim Johnston. It’s one of the dozens of songs composed by Jim for the WWE, where the song was initially used by the love-to-hate-him wrestler Kurt Angle. Available on Spotify.

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Medal by Jim Johnston

Colby chooses the bold musical number Medal, which WWE composer Jim Johnston created.

The song was created for the All-American-loving wrestling character named Kurt Angle. His full name is Kurt Steven Angle, and he was a gold medalist in American freestyle wrestling at the 1996 Olympic Games.

It makes sense, then, why the song composed for his wrestling character has trumpets and has a rich American “winning” feeling, and of course, the song title is ‘Medal.’

Kurt Angle song origin

Colby Covington approached Kurt Angle to ask permission to use his famous song.

At first, Angle didn’t know anything about Covington but did some research and decided he had the quality to be deserving of using the song.

And just like that, Colby is the newest user of the Medal song.

Despite all of Colby’s least-lovable qualities, he’s certainly a formidable competitor in the tricky Welterweight weight class, having taken on Usman and pushed him far.

Similar qualities of Colby and Kurt

Fans of WWE love to hate Kurt Angle, as he often played himself as the goodie-too-shoes who would do anything to win over his boss, Vince McMahon, but often stabbing the back of his comrades whenever he could get an edge.

Kurt was what they call a “heel” in WWE, someone who is always out to be the bad guy.

Whenever Kurt Angle’s song would come on, and he would begin his walkout, fans would chant “YOU SUCK” to the melody. It made every moment with Angle’s appearance great entertainment.

These qualities seem to have always matched Colby Covington all too well.

A lot of fans in the UFC loves to hate Colby, too. The fans use the same “YOU SUCK” chant for the Colby Covington walkout song whenever he enters.

Part of that is probably just because so many UFC fans came from wrestling, so it’s very well-known and fun to join in.

He’s the big-mouthed fighter that talks a big game, but he does actually bring it into the octagon as he has some excellent fighting technique.

Maybe he doesn’t bring as much as he says he can, but he’s still very competitive and entertaining to watch.

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Covington and Masvidal beef

Similar to the Kurt Angle character, Colby has had his fair share of backstabbing gossip to his name, too.

Because if Jorge Masvidal’s story is to be believed, then he took Colby Covington under his wing as both up-and-coming MMA fighters until Colby’s jealousy became too large that he turned his back on Masvidal and tried to beat him at every turn.

It seems like at some point in his career, Colby decided to become the “heel” of the UFC.

It’s still hard to distinguish whether this is completely an act from him, as we know many fighters have grown their trash-talking repertoire to generate hype for their upcoming fights.

Ever since the height of Conor McGregor’s success, more fighters have been looking to cash in on that kind of fame — so acting like the heel could pay off ($$$).

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