UFC Vs WWE: 8+ Comparisons To Decide Which Is Better

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UFC and WWE have been two of the most significant fight entertainment organizations up to this day. Which one is better is still an unanswered question.

You might have watched several shows of the two, but when considering UFC Vs WWE, which is better?

Although both of the organization’s niche is fighting, they don’t offer the same product making it impossible to know which is better. It’s pretty subjective; if you’re into an action-packed fight with incredible moves, WWE is better. But if you appreciate authentic martial arts in action, then UFC is better.

Are you a UFC fan or a WWE fan? It doesn’t matter; we’re here to give you in-depth knowledge of the difference between WWE vs UFC.

What are the differences between UFC and WWE?

UFC and WWE are two different organizations offering combat entertainment. UFC sells Mixed Martial Arts fights while WWE does Choreographed Wrestling matches with many stunts. They also differ on the ring, rules, and attire they use during one bout.

UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s the largest MMA promotion in the world.

On the other hand, WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. It’s the largest Wrestling promotion in the world. 


The view from inside a WWE wrestling ring

UFC and WWE use different rings for their fighters. The UFC has its trademark octagonal cage ring while the WWE has a typical Boxing ring; though, it sometimes gets modified to be suitable for Wrestling, depending on the event.

WWE sometimes uses a square cage during their “Hell in a Cell” match.

In some instances, WWE wrestlers use the backstage or the parking lot as their ring.

Aside from the ring appearance, the WWE ring is safer than the UFC’s.

WWE rings are more padded than the octagon.

More padding is needed to keep Wrestlers safer when doing their scripted stunts.


Another significant difference between both organizations is the attire the fighters wear during a match. WWE is famous for their Wrestler’s wearing singlets, while UFC fighters wear uniform UFC trunks.

In UFC, men fighters fight topless and wear UFC shorts depending on the color they like.


Women fighters wear the same shorts with a UFC sports bra. Some fighters also choose to wear knee and ankle support.

However, WWE Wrestlers can wear bright, outrageous outfits to establish their identity in the organization.

Some men fighters wear masks, tight leggings, or even colored underwear.

Six packet pants and military vests are also seen being worn inside the WWE ring.

When it comes to women, they can wear revealing two-piece clothes, sports bras, and glossy leggings.


Aside from the ring and attire, UFC and WWE don’t share the same rules. UFC follows the professional MMA rules defined by the Unified Rules Of MMA. In MMA rules, you can win via submission, technical knockout, decision, or disqualification. 

In WWE, Wrestlers can only win via submission, disqualification, or pinfall.

Pinfall is when you pin your opponent to the ground until the referee counts to three.

Moreover, WWE Wrestlers can go out of the ring and continue fighting there, which is not allowed in the UFC.

Eye pokes, low blows, and head grabbing is allowed in the WWE if a wrestler wants to do so.

These moves are illegal in the UFC and can be subject to point deduction or disqualification.

Fight modes

Wrestlers in a ladder match ring with hanging briefcase
Shared Account, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Unlike the UFC, there are different ‘game modes’ in WWE where you can win in different ways depending on the game rule. 

Some WWE fight modes are called Ladder match, Extreme Rules, and Royal Rumble match.

The Ladder match needs a Wrestler to put a ladder in the middle of the ring and climb it to get the briefcase hanging from the ceiling.

Extreme rules allow Wrestlers to hit his/her opponents with anything, including metal chairs, to win.

Lastly, Royal Rumble is a mode where dozens of Wrestlers try to throw each other outside the ring. The last man standing inside is the winner.

In UFC, all fights are fought by two fighters only.

In WWE, a match can be either tag team, one vs. one, or triple threat.

A tag team is a two vs. two match, and a triple threat is a match where three Wrestlers fight each other.

Weight classes

The UFC follows a systematized weight class for their fighters. On the other hand, WWE doesn’t have weight classes. In WWE, a 5’5 175lbs man can fight against 7 feet tall giant weighing 345lbs. 

In an actual Wrestling fight, beating a bigger opponent can be very difficult. The matchups in WWE are often unrealistic.

UFC’s lightest possible fighters are Strawweights, and the heaviest is Heavyweights.

All UFC weight classes have belts for champions of the respective weight classes.

In WWE, there’s a Heavyweight belt that can be won by literally anyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small guy, thin, or fat; everyone gets the chance to grab the title.

There’s also a tag team match belt. This is the belt for tag team match champions.

A tag team match is a two vs. two bout where two wrestlers fight each other simultaneously.

Who pays more, UFC or WWE?

According to the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, she went to WWE because it pays better than the UFC. The average UFC salary for a regular UFC fighter is more or less $30,000.

Ronda said that ordinary Wrestlers who don’t have that big of a name have an average yearly pay of $500,000.

While WWE superstars like John Cena can earn up to $500,000 on a single main-event appearance.

Can WWE Wrestlers fight in UFC?

WWE Wrestlers can fight in the UFC. However, their success is not guaranteed compared to a fighter who trained in MMA and not in entertainment Wrestling. Putting that aside, they can easily hit up UFC president Dana White and book a fight, especially if the Wrestler has a big name.

Can a WWE Wrestler beat a UFC fighter?

A WWE wrestler can’t beat a UFC fighter. This is because Wrestlers didn’t train their bodies to fight an MMA fighter. Most Wrestlers have massive physiques that are not advisable in MMA. If a WWE wrestler fights a UFC fighter, the Wrestler would be slower, predictable, and tire faster.

Keep in mind that the Wrestling in WWE is not the conventional Olympic Wrestling style.

WWE focuses more on entertaining the fans by doing staged acrobatic moves in the ring.

What WWE wrestlers went to UFC?

Some WWE Wrestlers have gone to the UFC over the years. Some Wrestlers who fought in the UFC are CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. On the other hand, there are also cases where UFC fighters transitioned to be WWE star. 

The former UFC women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey went to WWE and became a full-time Wrestler after a series of salty losses in UFC.

The UFC legend Ken Shamrock also debuted in the UFC way back in 1997.

Is UFC bigger than WWE?

WWE is more significant than the UFC regarding how many people it can reach per weekly show. WWE has more free shows in one week, making it more available for the public to watch. On the other hand, the UFC only administers one fight night per week.

Since WWE is scripted, a match can usually go up to 10 minutes of action-packed fighting with acrobatic moves that make regular people tune in.

At the same time, UFC tends to have more ‘boring’ moments because of how technical MMA is, which is only appreciated by some.

Which is real, UFC or WWE?

Technically, both of them are real. UFC and WWE are real entertainment organizations that pay men and women to fight for a living. However, UFC offers authentic fights while WWE Wrestling bouts are 100% scripted when it comes to the actual fight.

In fact, UFC can be defined as an actual show that sets real fights for people.

WWE can be described as a typical TV show where you follow along with a particular drama between the fighters backstage. 

Is UFC harder than WWE?

UFC is more brutal than WWE. This is because UFC fighters undergo various journeys before entering the octagon. UFC fighters train for three or more months for a fight and do torturing weight cuts for them to be qualified to fight. WWE Wrestlers only rehearse the fight choreography and scripts.

Fight-wise, UFC is still harder because you’ll take real, full-powered kicks, punches, knees, and elbows here.

Moreover, the presence of the UFC ground game makes everything harder.

Lastly, getting slammed in the UFC is more painful because the octagon is less padded than the WWE ring.

Which is better, UFC or WWE?

Honestly, both organization is better than each other in their own ways. If you’re a regular person who wants to watch jam-packed fights regardless of being real or not, then WWE is better for you. However, if you appreciate watching authentic martial arts being used, then go for UFC.

We can’t judge which organization is better because they don’t offer the same product.

One offers actual fighting, and the other offers scripted Wrestling entertainment.

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