What Is Arnold Allen’s Walkout Song? (3 British Choices)

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He’s one of the most exciting British prospects in the UFC and has only gone from strength to strength recently. His walkout song choice continues his English accent and attitude. So, what is it?

Arnold Allen’s walkout song is We Will Rock You by Queen (Spotify) for his fight against Max Holloway on UFC On ESPN 44. He usually uses London Calling by The Clash (Spotify) and has also chosen F*cking In The Bushes by Oasis (Spotify) for UFC Fight Night 130.

Keep reading below to learn more about each Arnold Allen walkout song choice.

UFC On ESPN 44 (Vs. Max Holloway)

For Arnold “The Almighty” Allen’s huge clash with Max Holloway, he walked out to We Will Rock You by Queen (Spotify).

This was a mighty matchup for both fighters in the Featherweight weight class. Where Max often shines.

This is the second time he’s used this song in the UFC, as he used it for his fight with Dan Hooker and was very successful then.

But seeing as this song is taking place outside of the home turf of England, he could go for something just as Brittania-inspiring.

Arnold is was facing his toughest challenge yet by taking on a hugely popular and adored striker like Max Holloway.

An interesting fact about Arnold Allen: He was given a suspended prison sentence after assaulting a venue owner and six women in defense of his girlfriend in 2016. He got off with a fine and 150 hours of community service.

UFC Fight Night 213: London Calling by The Clash

Arnold Allen’s primary walkout song is London Calling by The Clash (Spotify), which he used for UFC Fight Night 213 against Calvin Kattar.

Allen won that fight by TKO due to a knee injury for Kattar in the second round. Nevertheless, he appeared to have a clear advantage early on.

It seems to be his favorite song to use for his entrances at UFC events, perhaps because he wants the whole UFC and its fanbase to know that English fighters are coming for those belts.

It is an incredibly iconic song for English culture, so much so that it even has the 15th spot for the 500 Greatest Song Of All Time in Rolling Stones.

The song has deeper meanings behind the superficial face. What most depict as a motivated culture that’s taking over the world, in fact, has implications for the second world war.

During World War II, when the BBC radio broadcasts to foreign countries, each transmission would begin with “This is London Calling.” So in the writing of this song, The Clash clearly had great war in mind as post-war children themselves.

But this probably has no similar meaning for Allen, who is using an epically British song to represent his home country.

UFC Fight Night 204: We Will Rock You by Queen

For Allen’s fight against Dan Hooker at UFC Fight Night 204, he decided to use the song We Will Rock You by Queen (Spotify) for his entrance.

Queen is another English band that originated in London in the 1970s with Freddie Mercury.

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It’s not surprising that Arnold would pick yet another iconic song from one of the greatest bands of all time to represent his fighting intentions and his nation.

Arnold Allen came out to rock Hooker and take the win back home, which he did successfully by TKO in the first round.

UFC Fight Night 130: F*cking In The Bushes By Oasis

When the UFC came over to Liverpool, England, for UFC Fight Night 130, Arnold didn’t disappoint with his song choice.

He walked out to F*cking In The Bushes By Oasis (Spotify) for that fight against Mads Burnell.

Arnold won that fight with a clinical guillotine choke submission in the third round, creating a four-fight winning streak in the UFC at that time.

It’s a pretty spicy pick if you know the geographical situation in England. Allen is a Suffolk boy (which is East of London) and came over to Liverpool to play a Manchester band’s song for his walkout.

I don’t think the local Liverpudlians would have been too pleased with that choice at the time. Considering there has been a raging rivalry between Liverpool-based (Liverpool FC, Everton FC) and Manchester-based (Manchester Utd FC, Manchester City FC) football clubs since the 1980s.

He might have been much better off picking something scouse proud like a song from The Beatles, Echo & The Bunnymen, or Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

But he didn’t. His song choices are still great because he’s always representing British bands.

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