7 Best Boxing Gloves For Small Hands (Boxing & Muay Thai)

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If you have tiny hands, you might suffer from having incredibly loose gloves that don’t do a good job of protecting your mini money-makers.

You’re more likely still to have loose wraps and ‘dead space’ that can cause injuries. But I’ll help you pick a suitable glove to solve these woes.

The best boxing gloves for small hands is the Hayabusa T3 because it has perfected the inner glove spacing to be snug enough for most hand sizes and gives incredible stability for smaller wrists.

But if you want to save some money, the Venum Elite does a good job of offering a snug fitting with quality materials, and the Cleto Reyes E600 looks awesome and is reliable for slimmer frames.

But wait, there are even more choices to consider. Keep reading as I’ll detail all the options.

Note: The options here are picked out for adults with smaller hands, if you’re looking for choices for children, then check out the best boxing gloves for kids.

Top picks for boxing gloves for small hands

While my top choice is best for all-around comfort and fit for smaller hands, it might not be the perfect option for you.

I’ve picked out seven excellent gloves that should give miniature hands the right fit and support and at different budgets.

Every glove option in this list has the right combination of these factors:

  • smaller glove sizes available
  • sizing that runs smaller/snug, and
  • gloves that have more optimized hand space inside the glove

Here’s a quick summary of all options:

To get the full breakdown of each glove, keep scrolling.

Venum Elite

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

A incredibly popular option for its consistency in style, form, and protection that makes a great glove for the heavy bag, mitts, and even sparring.

  • Premium Skintex (synthetic) leather
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Triple-density foam padding
  • Shock absorption feels like pillows
  • Available in sizes 8oz-16oz
  • Tons of colors/styles to choose from
  • Biggest/heaviest hands might need something bigger/heavier
  • Outer decal could catch a sparring partner
  • Not real leather, synthetic
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Venum is building a great reputation for offering quality gloves that are still very affordable, which is one of the reasons I’ve included this glove in my top 3.

What makes them ideal for smaller hands is that most people find them to fit snugly and sometimes “too snug,” which will be helpful for petite hands.

They also come in lighter glove weights that will be a bit more suitable with the 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz sizing options.

The combination of great shock-absorbent padding, wild color options, and a very affordable price produces a solid option from this selection.


Hayabusa T3

Wrist Support
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Probably the best glove on the market for stellar wrist support and stability that helps to reduce and prevent hand injuries unlike most other options. Dual-X strapping, Fusion Splinting keep things nice and tight.

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  • Vylar-engineered leather material
  • 5-layer foam padding
  • Dual-X strapping closure system keeps wrist and hand secure
  • Fusion Splinting ensures hand-to-wrist alignment for added stability
  • Grip bar for holding a tight fist
  • Perforated and elasticated palm
  • Available in sizes 10oz-18oz for all needs and fighter weights
  • 18+ color variations to choose from
  • Dual straps can be a bit fiddly to wear and take off
  • Needs extra care to keep them odor free
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The T3 glove from Hayabusa is one of the most reliable gloves available for almost any purpose, they often make my top choices because of how well thought-out they are.

With small hands, they’re also a good choice because the inner pocket is designed well to give the most appropriate shape for hands without needing to rely on tons of hand wrapping.

But what makes this glove especially worth considering is the advanced glove technology that creates exemplary wrist support.

It’s the 5-layer foam padding, Dual-X strapping system that pulls your hand in firmly, and Fusion Splinting to provide wrist alignment, all offering the ultimate experience in preventing injury.

The less your hands are getting injured, the more successful you can be in your training sessions without getting held back by forced time off.

It’s also a great choice as a boxing glove for women since it helps slimmer or weaker wrists stay supported during sessions.

While their sizing options go as low as 10 oz, that’s still a great size to consider for most people with small hands — so if you also want the best safety and support, then the T3 is the one to choose.

Cleto Reyes E600

Cleto Reyes E600 Boxing Gloves

High quality and heavy duty gloves crafted from genuine cow leather. Optimal wrist support and a firm fit that maintains weight balance even during heavy sweat sessions.

  • Great for heavy bags, sparring, and general training
  • Provides excellent wrist support
  • Firm, fast fit with leather strap hook
  • Long-lasting latex foam padding
  • Water-resistant lining
  • Enhanced knuckle support for power
  • Anatomical structure for satisfying punch snap
  • Sizes 12 oz > 18 oz
  • Padding might feel too thin for some
  • Wrist area could feel too tight initially
  • Requires significant break-in time
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Cleto Reyes offers another decent option for smaller hands and is packed with a ton of classical boxing style.

The color options and iconic look make these E600 gloves worth considering, plus they are typically tight-fitting when first worn so that they could work nicely for your slighter hand.

A slight issue is that they come in sizing as low as 12 oz, which is borderline getting too big for some smaller-handed people.

But it’s definitely something you should try to figure out for yourself by trying on a few different glove sizes, like borrowing from your friends.

Despite this niggle, the E600’s wrist strapping and general overall slim style make it a decent option in a beautiful package if you can spend a little extra.

Twins Sparring

Muay Thai
Twins Training & Sparring Gloves

Visualize the exhilaration of training in Thai-crafted boxing gloves, impeccably designed with superior cowhide leather—offering a great diversity of versatility and quality construction.

  • Ideal for Muay Thai & Kickboxing
  • Highly protective for sparring
  • Seriously dense padding & large surface area
  • Snug but comfortable fit
  • Premium quality design and materials
  • Available in sizes 8 oz > 16 oz
  • Not the best for non-kickboxing training
  • Print gets worn out quite quick
  • Too tight for some people
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If your primary focus in training is kickboxing styles, like K-1 or Muay Thai, then this is the glove for you.

If you’re focusing entirely on pure boxing, then I’d skip this glove entirely.

It’s one of the options with a great degree of spongey padding that supports kickboxing-style training and sparring.

There’s a lot of backhand coverage and a slight bend in the wrist to catch kicks and perform clinch work.

Twins are a top-quality Thai brand, so you’d be getting a great durable glove that is particularly slim-fitting for smaller hand sizes.

This glove is also suited for petite hands since you can also get this glove in smaller sizes like 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz.

Hayabusa Marvel

Marvel Boxing Gloves
Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Boxing Gloves (Deadpool Edition)

Dual-X strapping system for elite wrist support, multi-layered foam, and Merc with a Mouth style. Hayabusa are a leading producer of boxing gloves that keep fighters money-makers protected and look good while doing it.

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  • Awesome Marvel styling
  • Exemplary wrist and hand protection
  • Dual-X® dual-strap interlocking closure
  • Vylar® Engineered leather
  • Ergonomic thumb position
  • Highly-priced for some people
  • A bit too "flashy"
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Hayabusa created this unique Marvel line of boxing gloves and in my testing of the Deadpool edition, I found these gloves to be of extremely high quality and support.

Not only that but sliding your hands into them feels snug and protective. While I have medium hands, I think these would also be a great option for mini hands.

It’s using most of the same technology in the Hayabusa T3 that I’ve already picked out as one of my top picks, but there’s extra styling and attention to detail put into this premium glove.

They feel great to wear and awesome to punch with, keeping your wrist in perfect alignment.

This line comes in two sizes, 12 oz or 16 oz. So the 12 oz is going to be potentially a fantastic option if you fall in love with the flashy design.

Revgear S5

Revgear S5 All Rounder Boxing Gloves

The Revgear S5 All-Rounder boxing glove offers a unique combination of stylistic and functional choices, making it pretty good for most training uses. From my experience, it'll be best used for kickboxers and Muay Thai guys on the mitts/pads and technical sparring.

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  • Great affordable price for this quality
  • Premium leather construction
  • Designed to be suitable for different training styles
  • Multi-layered padding
  • Rounded shape knuckle padding
  • Mid-length hook and loop closure, great for Kickboxing styles
  • Easy to strap on and off quickly
  • Great bold design in five color options
  • Available in 12 oz or 14 oz sizes
  • Inner hand compartment can be too tight for hand wraps for some people
  • I wouldn't recommend to use it for all types (e.g. heavy bag/sparring), despite its name
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I tried out the Revgear S5 glove and it’s offered as an “All-Rounder,” which makes it useful enough for general training purposes like on the mitts or on the bag.

Though I think it’s best to choose a glove for a specific purpose and get an extra pair if necessary.

What it is perfect for is those with small hands because when I tested even the 12 oz without hand wraps, I felt that it was incredibly snug.

Wearing the Revgear S5

It’s also a smart-priced glove that brings the manufacturing quality of many leading brands to an affordable price.

I’d choose this glove if you are a fan of the rich color style and need a decent kickboxing option that is more affordable but will still meet your tiny hands’ requirements.

But keep in mind the sizing is typically 12 oz or 14 oz, so it’s not the smallest sizes that you could get elsewhere if you need it.


Superior Stability
X-4 Velcro Training Glove by ONX Sports

Extraordinary wrap-less gloves designed to provide elite wrist, carpal, and metacarpal bone protection on the market.

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  • Provides superior support to the wrist, carpal, and metacarpal bones in the hand
  • Supports grip and hand position during training
  • Patented internal strapping system allows for adjustable sizing and support
  • The first wrap-less glove on the market
  • Versatile technology suitable for boxers and mixed martial artists
  • Ideal for sparring, bag work, and mitt work
  • Endorsed by Trevor Wittman, World Championship Coach & ONX Founder
  • Very expensive
  • Getting the first heat mold right is critical for a good fit
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Finishing off this list is the only option that actually recommends you don’t wear hand wraps.

The ONX X-4 by ONX Sports is the brainchild of renowned UFC coach, Trevor Wittman, that was created with one goal in mind — reduce fighter injuries.

You can be sure that this glove choice will be the coziest fit you can get. It needs heat molding before the first use so you get the perfect fit around your hands.

The molding helps to reduce any dead space in the glove (more about that in the buyer’s guide below).

Hand wraps usually don’t give complete filling for every pocket of air, but a custom mold to your hand will do a much better job.

The X-4 comes in one small size, 12 oz, that when coupled with the molding fit will give you one of the best experiences for your money makers — but the price is eye-watering!

Guide to choosing the right glove for small hands

I’ve given you my picks for the best options for gloves, but you might want to know why these are great options.

That’s because my picks have met each of the following considerations for the needs of martial artists with smaller hands.

Let me describe what you need to think about when buying.

Pick a smaller glove size

The obvious first consideration is picking out a smaller glove size.

A smaller glove size doesn’t necessarily mean that the glove is suited for a smaller hand, but more commonly for lighter body weight.

But the smaller the glove size, the lighter they are, and potentially the more fitting they are for a small-handed person.

If you are smaller in body weight, it’s the first consideration to utilize. This glove sizing chart is a good starting point:

Bodyweight Glove Size
110-140 lbs 8-12 oz
140-165 lbs 10-12 oz
165-190 lbs 10-14 oz
190-215 lbs 12-14 oz
215-240 lbs 12-16 oz
240-270 lbs 14-16 oz
270 lbs + 16-24 oz

So, effectively, smaller fighters are likely to want a glove in the size range between 8 oz and 12 oz.

Shorter fighters and women more commonly wear these glove sizes, as both tend to be naturally lighter and need less safety padding around their hands.

Sizing that runs smaller and snug

Some gloves have more inside space than others from their manufacturing, and some run smaller and offer a better snug fit.

Fighters or training martial artists with smaller hands should go for the latter.

In the options I’ve already described in this article, gloves that feel more snug than others were one of the ranking requirements.

But you can research this for yourself by looking at customer reviews or asking fellow fighter friends how their gloves fit when first bought.

In time, gloves will always loosen up a little bit inside as heat and sweat change them to mold to your hands (particularly with genuine leather).

But the smaller they initially start as, the longer they’re likely to be snug enough to use for you.

Dead space inside the glove

What should be one of the biggest considerations for hand protection with gloves is the ‘dead space’ inside the glove.

Dead space means pockets of air inside the glove when worn that contribute to injuries.

If you have a boxing glove that fits snugly, then there are much less air pockets that could lead to problems.

So you’ll want to try and find a glove that has a reasonably snug fit even before adding hand wraps, or wears gloves that don’t require hand wraps at all, like the ONX X-4.

Now, wearing hand wraps is one of the ways to reduce dead space. So let’s cover that next.

Using hand wraps effectively

Hand wraps are necessary while wearing most gloves to help fill any air pockets and offer a last level of protection and stability to your hands and wrists.

You can use hand wraps intelligently to add extra support around specific parts of your hands, like when you have sore wrists or a sore thumb.

Extra loops around the wrist, thumb, or knuckles and tucked firmly can help reduce dead space and add more support.

The shape and size of both hands and gloves are always different, so understanding both well is what will help get the right hand wrapping in place.

Some people have smaller wrists. Some have larger palms but tiny fingers. These are all things to keep in mind when selecting a boxing glove.

Final say on gloves for small hands

So there you have it. Smaller hands will benefit from gloves that manufacture a little too tight and come in smaller sizes, between 8 oz to 12 oz.

The gloves I’ve picked out are all decent options if you have little hands. But if you need more help, leave a comment in the comment section below, and I’ll help.

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