7 Best Boxing Gloves For Kids (Budget, Vibrant & Safest!)

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If your little one is about to engage in martial arts training, then I’m sure you want to make the best choice possible to keep them protected.

Whether they are simply hitting the bag, working with a coach on mitts, or even getting involved in sparring — I’ve collected together the best boxing gloves for kids to make your choice simpler.

My top choice is the Venum Kids Elite because of the balance between great padding in a lightweight glove, the affordable price, and the vibrant color options that kids will love.

Great Value
Best Protection
  • Good padding
  • Ideal for kickboxing fitness
  • Cheap but decent
  • Sizes 6 oz > 16 oz
  • Thailand manufacture quality
  • Great padding and lightweight
  • Solid value for the price
  • Vibrant color options
  • Sizes 6 oz, 7 oz, 8 oz
  • Simply the best protection & wrist support
  • Ensures perfect wrist alignment
  • Neon & muted color options
  • Sizes 6 oz and 8 oz
  • Good padding
  • Ideal for kickboxing fitness
  • Cheap but decent
  • Sizes 6 oz > 16 oz
Great Value
  • Thailand manufacture quality
  • Great padding and lightweight
  • Solid value for the price
  • Vibrant color options
  • Sizes 6 oz, 7 oz, 8 oz
Best Protection
  • Simply the best protection & wrist support
  • Ensures perfect wrist alignment
  • Neon & muted color options
  • Sizes 6 oz and 8 oz
09/21/2023 07:15 am GMT

But I also think the Adidas Hybrid 80 is decent if you want the absolute cheapest option and the Hayabusa T3 is the way to go if you want the supreme level of protection and safety for your child.

Kids’ gloves need decent padding and outstanding wrist support to ensure a straight line between the knuckle to the forearm to prevent injuries or any adverse effects on their bone structural development.

And every option on this list will be targeted to those requirements, so let’s get on to it!

Top choice boxing gloves for kids

I’ll break down each of the options I’ve picked out that offer the best safety that’ll keep your parental instincts calm and fun styles and color options that’ll please your child.

Here’s a quick summary of every single option and what they’re best for:

To learn more detail about each glove option, keep scrolling!

Revgear Youth Combat Series

Revgear Youth Combat Boxing Gloves

Imagine your young champion-in-the-making effortlessly mastering the jab and cross wearing these vibrant gloves.

These youth-specific, durable boxing gloves cradle growing hands in protective RAM-Force™ technology for comfort, safety, and the sweet taste of victory.

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  • High quality and durable
  • Designed specifically for youths' growing hands
  • Comfortable for sparring or bag work
  • Impact-resistant RAM-Force™ technology padding
  • Increased ventilation with palm opening
  • Good for all experience levels
  • Sizes 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz
  • Might be small for larger teens
  • Available in only three colors
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Revgear starts off my list of boxing glove options for kids as a reliable choice for both protection and value.

What will matter to your child the most is the “cool” splash color options available in blue, green, pink, and black.

The sizes start at 6 oz, which is suitable for toddlers. The 8 oz size is useable for ages 6-11, and the 10 oz size will be suitable for young teens above 12 years old.

Sizing can feel a little tight for some kids with these gloves, so teens may actually have a better experience with other gloves or sizing up earlier than you’d expect.

A great glove option with impact-resistant padding that’ll protect those young hands.

Hayabusa T3 Kids

Hayabusa T3 Kids Boxing Gloves

See your budding champion bobbing and weaving, their fists protected by the world's leader in wrist-supporting boxing gloves.

A masterpiece of design and support technology, these gloves shield growing hands, align wrists perfectly, and adjust comfortably.

  • Provides ultimate protection for kids' hands
  • Ensures perfect wrist alignment
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Extra knuckle protection with five-layer design
  • Easy to wear with smooth inner lining
  • Sweat-wiping thumb feature
  • Virtually indestructible exterior
  • Multiple energetic colors to choose from
  • Sizes 6 oz and 8 oz
  • Size might be large for younger kids
  • Costs almost as much as adult gloves
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09/21/2023 05:35 am GMT

If you’re looking for the ultimate level of protection for your child’s hands, then the Hayabusa T3 kids glove is absolutely the way to go.


I already review the adult T3 version very highly because of its superior advancements in glove technology that helps fighters maintain perfect hand alignment.

That alignment and security ensure the best punching form and protection to resist injury.

You’re getting a close level of that same tech in this kids’ version of the series, available in two sizes of 6 oz and 8 oz.

Not only that, but the color options on the T3 include Neon options like this Neon Blue or Neon Pink, but there are also more muted and darker options for the more introverted child.

The T3 kid’s gloves are the most expensive on this list, but they are by far the best for protection. So if you have the budget, this would be the way to go.

Venum Kids Elite

Great Value
Venum Kids Elite Boxing Gloves
$54.99 $52.25

These artisan Thai-made boxing gloves envelop small hands in multi-density foam, offering reinforced shock absorption.

A glove with a vibrant statement in design and colors for every taste.

  • Handmade quality from Thailand
  • Fits great for small hands
  • Wide Velcro closure for precise adjustment
  • Encourages motivation in young boxers
  • Enhanced protection with reinforced palms
  • Attached thumb adds injury prevention
  • Lightweight yet offers great protection
  • Sizes S (3-5 yrs, 6oz), M (6-8 yrs, 7 oz), L (8-11 yrs, 8 oz)
  • Size can run a little small
  • Limited growth room for larger hands
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Since Venum began sponsoring the UFC, their fight protection options have continued to expand and the quality has risen significantly.

The Venum Elite gloves enter this list as another option for kids and young teens, as it brings a ton of valuable protection and quality construction at a reasonable price range.

Another option I’ve selected with a few vibrant neon colors like yellow, pink, and orange, plus the darker versions.

Kids love how they look because of the venomous snake style behind the brand and the bright color.

They have their own unique sizing in S, M, and L. But those translate to 6 oz, 7 oz, and 8 oz size options.

I’d choose this glove for your child if you are looking for a great all-around glove in protection, padding, and style in the mid-priced range.

Hayabusa S4 Kids Epic

Hayabusa S4 Kids Epic Boxing Gloves

Watch as your child, a budding martial artist improves their skills while their hands are cradled in these highly protective gloves featuring uniquely 'Epic' designs.

Their confidence will bloom as their training progress is assured.

  • Lightweight for kids' comfort
  • Excellent wrist support prevents injuries
  • Quality construction to endure rigorous training
  • Suitable for various combat sports
  • Offers superior knuckle protection
  • Quality synthetic leather material
  • 4 Bright & appealing designs that kids love
  • Sizes 6 oz & 8 oz
  • Print quality may seem inauthentic
  • May cause initial discomfort for some
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Hayabusa has a second great option for kids that is a little easier on the wallet, while still offering a majority of their protective tech for small wrists.

It’s still a little pricier than most options for young fighters, but you can’t argue with the reliability of padding and wrist support in Hayabusa gloves.

What might sway it for you or your young martial artist is the unique designs in this glove, which are less about color but offer epic design patterns.

I personally love the mech ‘Blue Robot’ style pictured above.

But there are also designs that’ll suit different tastes, like Flames, Fairy, and Pink Star.

It’s a sturdy glove with excellent padding and security to keep your mind at ease about your child’s safety in growing bones.

The only slight downside is that the price is a little higher than some other options and comes in only two sizes in 6 oz and 8 oz.

Fairtex BGV1

Dense Padding
Fairtex BGV1 Sparring Gloves

The ideal Muay Thai glove, equipped with these luxurious leather that offers protection, tons of durability and a contour-fit design for cushioning.

  • High-quality construction, built to last
  • Delivers solid hand and wrist protection
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Velcro closure system
  • Great for beginners and professionals alike
  • Perfect sparring glove, great for bag and pads too
  • Praised for the solid, firm striking feel
  • Sizes 4 oz > 16 oz
  • Requires break-in time for comfort
  • Size runs larger for average-sized hands
  • Colors can vary from product image sometimes
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BGV1 is a glove option that’s great for kids and adults alike due to its dense padding over the knuckles.

It’s like punching with a bag full of cotton once you’ve broken them in a bit.

Fairtex is also one of the leading Thai brands for quality manufacturing, they focus on Muay Thai products that are extremely durable, and you’re definitely getting that with the BGV1.

What’s also excellent about these gloves is that they can come in sizes as small as 4 oz, which could be tiny enough for kids as young as 2-3 if you plan to start them off very early.

Though the availability of 4 oz gloves is often harder to find as the supply is low, you can always choose 6 oz, which will suit most kids between the ages of 3-7 years old.

Probably the main negative about these gloves is that the price is the price, and it doesn’t seem to adjust depending on the glove size.

So it ends up being quite pricey unless you’re buying for an adult. That aside, it’s still a solid glove option overall.

Venum Razor

Venum Razor Boxing Gloves
$44.90 $42.79

Your child will enjoy the rhythmic dance of punching while clad in premium PU leather gloves.

Engage in boxing or kickboxing multiple times per week with optimal ventilation and shock absorption offering great comfort and protection.

  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Supports diverse boxing types
  • Reinforced palm for comfort
  • Attractive design and finish
  • Good ventilation system
  • Suitable for young fighters
  • A decent cheap option
  • Sizes 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz
  • Not the most durable/long-lasting glove
  • Synthetic leather
  • Only one Black/Gold color option
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The Venum Razor is an addition built with synthetic PU leather, making it a much cheaper option than most others.

It has good sizing ranges for different aged kids, including 4 oz, 6 oz, and 8 oz.

You’ll be getting a glove with decent padding over the knuckles, but I wouldn’t expect the ultimate protection from a glove like this, where a few corners are cut to make it cheap.

The design is limited with this one, too, as there’s just one Black/Gold option. Most kids want something to feel a bit more personalized to them, which may drop this one’s status.

Choose this glove if the gold design is most attractive for you or your child and you want to save cash.

Adidas Hybrid 80

Adidas Boxing Gloves Hybrid 80

Envision a high-octane fitness training session, your punches flying and adrenaline rushing while wearing these classic-style gloves.

These boxing gloves give decent knuckle protection for mixed kickboxing classes and are suitable for kids and adults.

  • Superb padding for enhanced safety
  • Lightweight, enabling agile movements
  • Great for kickboxing classes
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Protects thumb and wrist during intense workouts
  • Ideal for boxing fitness classes
  • Sizes 6 oz > 16 oz
  • Might need replacing yearly for heavy users
  • Only a few simple color variants to choose
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Finishing up the options with another budget option, the Adidas Hybrid 80 is a glove that comes in a wide range of sizes to suit most children and adults.

It’s a glove suited to people who enjoy training in kickboxing fitness classes rather than requiring the ultimate levels of protection and stability.

The glove still has good padding over the knuckles to soften many of your blows, but just don’t expect to be able to train at your hardest and maintain protection.

The designs available are essentially color variations on the highlights, as the glove is mainly black. This might be a negative for some preferences.

It’s a glove that is well-liked by most casual martial artists, and the price makes it very approachable for most budgets.

Parent’s glove buying guide

If you’re here reading this article, then you’re likely a parent or guardian that cares about your kid having the best boxing glove for safety and protection.

I’ll help you figure out which glove is best for you with some considerations you may want to think about when buying.

Choosing the right size for a child

For the most part, choose the right glove size — which is usually denoted in ounces (oz) — for your child down to their age.

Their body weight could also influence it somewhat, so if your child is particularly larger sized than most kids their age; definitely consider sizing up.

I’ve pulled together a general sizing guide for kids:

Size Name Age Glove Size
XS 1-2 years 4 oz
S 3-5 years 6 oz
M 9-11 years 8 oz
L 12-13 years 10 oz
XL / Adult S 13-14 years 12 oz
XXL / Adult M 15-16 years 14 oz

Take this sizing guideline with a pinch of salt, as every child grows at a different rate. If you can, have your young one try on gloves borrowed from a friend to understand sizing better.

Once your child becomes a teen, they may already be ready for adult sizes which typically begin around 10 oz or 12 oz depending on the type of training.

Some kid’s coaches may also allow or encourage sparring, which might also be something else to consider as a reason to size up.

With adults, the minimum is usually 16 oz gloves for sparring. But for kids, whose weight and size are constantly changing, it could vary wildly.

Just keep in mind that the larger the size of gloves, usually the more padding inside which can help to protect your kids’ hands but also their sparring partner.

Getting adequate hand and wrist protection

If you are a parent or guardian, I’m sure that keeping your little ones’ growing bones and muscles protected is a top priority.

So that’s why you’ll want to consider picking a glove for them that has a similar intention in the manufacturing and technology of the product.

While most kids won’t be able to throw punches with too much weight for them to cause severe injuries, the repetitive nature of boxing and other fighting sports could have other effects.

A child’s body structure is constantly changing. Their bones, muscles, ligaments, and brains are growing and developing rapidly.

If you mix in repetitive impact and stress on the body, it seems that it only makes sense that it will create different frameworks for their development.

It’s inevitable that physical activity positively impacts muscle development and strength in kids, but too much of anything isn’t ideal, either.

So this is where thinking about a few factors of boxing gloves becomes important:

  • Padding density around the knuckles and back of the hand
  • Snug fit, reducing any ‘dead space’ inside the glove that can cause injury
  • Strapping system that locks to the wrist firmly, maintaining good alignment

Each of these is worth considering for optimal safety, and if you have the money to spend then the Hayabusa T3 Kids glove is by far the best on the market.

Hayabusa often has the greatest considerations for wrist stability, which promotes proper punching form and safety.

If you don’t want to spend as much on the T3, then the Hayabusa S4 is another great option utilizing much of the same technology to keep wrists and knuckles in alignment for developing great punching form.

Picking a style or color they’ll love

Style may be the least important factor to you, as the parent or guardian, but I’m sure it’s the most important to the child you’re buying for.

So don’t just consider the safety rating of a boxing glove. Keep in mind their individual personality.

Maybe they have a favorite color, which makes it nice and easy to choose a glove.

There are several bright neon color options, like those I suggested in my list above — such as the Venum Elite and the Hayabusa T3.

There are also some gloves with original designs that could be great for the slightly more distinguished teen, involving patterns and characters — like with the Revgear Youth and Hayabusa S4 Kids Epic boxing gloves.

Final word on boxing gloves for kids

So that’s covered my selection of the best choices in boxing gloves that your kid might love.

There are options here to support every budget, every personality, and advanced levels of safety and protection if that’s the most crucial element to you.

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