How To Watch Impact Wrestling Online & TV

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Impact Wrestling is one of the fastest-rising Wrestling promotions today but can be trickier to get access to, so this article will help.

You can watch Impact Wrestling via Fite TV, Prime Video, Sky HD, Impact Plus, or YouTube. YouTube is the only free way to watch the show.

Are you ready to watch your first Impact Wrestling show? I’ve handpicked the best streaming services for you to choose from below. 

1. Fite TV

Fite TV offers a video streaming service mainly for fighting shows. Fite TV is available in hundreds of countries, including the United Kingdom. 

Fite TV needs a monthly subscription to work. But if you’re a true fight fan, then Fite will never be an overspend. 

To watch Impact Wrestling, you need to search for it on the search bar. From there, you can choose what impact event you want to watch. 

You can search for your favorite Wrestler’s matches and binge-watch them all day long. If you want something new, other fight promotions are also available. 

Fite TV offers BKFC fight night events. They also have Jake Paul fights if you love watching the worst fighters get beaten up by a YouTuber.

If you’re done watching Impact Wrestling, try watching AEW Wrestling events. Fite TV has everything a fight fan needs, from Boxing, Wrestling, and MMA; it’s here. 

You can also download the Fite Mobile app. This allows you to be updated on the latest fight shows away from the comfort of your home. 

2. Prime Video

Prime Video is an American video streaming company connected with Amazon. The company has expanded and has been 100% available in the UK despite being USA-based. 

Prime Video is a paid video streaming service. Like any other paid subscriptions, you need to pay monthly for this method to work.

If you’re a new Amazon prime subscriber, you can get a 30-day free trial. All you need to do is to sign-up and claim your present. 

After a month, you have the choice if you’ll renew a subscription. You can also cancel your connection with the service. 

To watch Impact Wrestling on Prime, search for the show on the search bar. After searching, multiple Impact Wrestling events should appear.

You can watch the latest Impact Wrestling Victory Road Barbed Wire Massacre starring Steve Mclin and Moose. 

Old Impact events are also available to watch if you want to rewatch them.

There are two options you can choose from in using Amazon Prime. You can either download the app or log in to your Prime account on your smart TV. 

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Using your phone will allow you to be on the go in watching Impact Wrestling. Using the Television, on the other hand, is excellent for watching with family and friends. 

3. Sky HD

You can use your Sky HD cable on your home to watch Impact Wrestling. Find Impact Wrestling on channel 422. This channel offers bout replays and Thursday night live events.

Sky HD is a great way to watch Impact Wrestling. This is because of the hundreds of channel that comes with it. These channel additions make the cable subscription worth the price.

Compared to other streaming services that only offer Wrestling. Sky HD is a more versatile style of entertainment. 

The colossal battle between the Bullet Club and VBD & G.O.D aired on Sky HD. Former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley can also be seen performing on this channel. 

If you love to watch Impact Wrestling at home with the gang or family, then Sky HD is for you. Nothing is better than being able to watch your favorite show on a big screen with the people you love. 

What makes Sky HD even better is you can download the Sky HD app. This application will allow you to stream numerous shows. 

With the Sky HD app, you can watch Impact Wrestling anytime, anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re fine. 

If the internet is a problem, Sky can help you with that. They also have internet services to allow you to access your favorite shows away from the comfort of your home. 

4. Impact Plus

IMPACT Plus is a video streaming service similar to Netflix and more. Unlike YouTube, Impact Plus needs a monthly subscription for you to use it.

WWE and UFC have similar services, namely UFC fight pass and WWE Network. 

Impact Plus is owned by Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions. It is the parent company of Impact Wrestling. AWE has other Wrestling promotions, aside from Impact.

These affiliated shows to AWE can also be found on Impact Plus. This means you can watch more Wrestling shows inside the app if you get bored of Impact Wrestling. 

Impact’s PPV shows are here. Championship matches between your favorite stars, such as Mike Bailey and Ace Austin, are also available. 

If you’re a new subscriber, Impact Plus has a 1-month free trial for you. With this, you can use the streaming service to its full potential. 

After 30 days, it’s up to you if you want to renew or cancel a paid subscription. Some people have multiple email accounts and claim a 30-day free trial every month. 

If you’re already an Impact Plus customer, there are multiple ways to use it. You can download the app on your phone and watch on-the-go.

If you want to chill at home while watching Wrestling with the fam, log in your Impact Plus on your Smart TV. From there, you can watch the latest Wrestling bouts on a bigger screen. 

If you’re that much of a fan, paying for a monthly Impact subscription is not a problem. Especially if you’ll consider the number of shows, you can enjoy. 

5. YouTube

You can search for Impact Wrestling’s Youtube channel to watch the show. Go to YouTube and search for any keyword regarding Impact Wrestling. After that, you’ll see thousands of videos from the show.

For a better viewing experience, choose the Impact Wrestling YouTube channel. It has millions of subs with thousands of uploaded videos. 

Some channels also upload Impact Wrestling matches, but the quality is not that good. There are also video cuts that lessen the fun of the viewing experience.

Chris Harris, James Storm, and Gail Kim aka Americas Most Wanted at TNA Impact taping in Orlando Florida
Robertlbeukema at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

On YouTube, you can search for specific bouts that you want to watch. For instance, type ‘Chris Bay Vs. Jake Crist,’ and the search engine will give you what you want.

Impact Wrestling live streams its regular events on their YouTube channel. The good thing is, it’s 100% free. No Patreon or private subscription needed. 

So click that notification bell to get updated whenever a live stream is up. Also, subscribe to the channel if you want to see, and hear from it regularly.  

Most of Impact Wrestling’s YouTube videos can be saved offline. Just click the three small dots on the right side of the video and save it offline on your mobile

Making your favorite Wrestling bouts available anytime, anywhere is a great luxury. But, be sure to redownload the video every 30 days to keep it in offline mode. 

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