Is FITE TV Legit?

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Suppose you’re considering a subscription with FITE TV but aren’t too sure about the legitimacy of the value on offer. In that case, this article will answer any doubts you might have so you can make a good choice.

FITE TV has been a legitimate American digital streaming service for combat sports since it started in 2012. The service streams programming of boxing, mixed martial arts, and pro wrestling. They stream several low-to-mid-tier promotions like All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Impact Wrestling, BKFC, and Shamrock FC.

If you want to learn a bit more detail about the offering and what to expect with FITE TV, then keep reading as I’ll answer several common questions.

How FITE TV Works


FITE TV is a digital streaming service which means you can watch both live events and replays of combat sports on their website and apps.

It’s as simple as registering for an account and then accessing their catalog through Discover or checking out the Schedule to see what events are upcoming.

You can select your interests when you register an account, choosing which combat sports you like the most, such as:

Music and More are represented in the registration process because FITE TV has started expanding its content offerings as it can use its digital streaming applications to create more opportunities for partnerships with new brands and promotions.

You can set notification reminders on the Schedule for events you don’t want to miss. You’ll also find the ability to see the replays of past events and any weekly shows.

With an account on FITE TV, you’ll then be able to select any subscriptions you want to sign up for.

If you use one of the FITE TV apps, you’ll be able to earn FITE credits in your account. FITE credits can then be redeemed to access live pay-per-views inside their apps.

While browsing and using the FITE TV platform, you’ll be able to select organizations and fighters to follow to keep up to date with the promotions and talent you like the most.

Does FITE TV Cost Money?

Some FITE TV events cost money to watch live under pay-per-view tickets or included in subscription packages. FITE TV paid subscriptions are FITE+, TrillerVerz Pass, AEW Plus, NWA All Access, and Top Rank, which give access to premium content.

FITE TV is free to register and benefit from reminder notifications about upcoming events and watch replays of free past events and shows in the library.

FITE TV Subscriptions For Premium Content

FITE TV includes several different subscription options to access new and unique content that you can’t access on free shows and replays.

Let’s take a look at these different subscription options!


FITE+ is the improved FITE TV experience that offers additional features and content. You get an ad-free FITE TV experience by being a FITE+ subscriber. You also get 2 FITE credits added to your account each month and access to exclusive FITE+ content.

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FITE+ includes access to content from these organizations:

  • Top Rank
  • BKFC
  • Unified MMA
  • BKB
  • Star Boxing
  • Celebrity Championship Boxing
  • Shamrock FC
  • AFL

With your FITE+ subscription, you’ll be able to watch PPV events 30 days after their live date with unlimited viewing. So you won’t just get access to watch it live, but you can keep enjoying the action on the replay for weeks after it ends!

FITE+ costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year to subscribe and access. Click here to see everything FITE+ includes.

TrillerVerz Pass

In April of 2021, TrillerNet acquired the FITE TV brand shortly before the first Triller Fight Club event, which featured the infamous Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren in a Boxing match.

This acquisition opened the doors for even more high-tier fights. Triller can use the robust FITE TV streaming platform to distribute its events.

TrillerVerz Pass includes access to content from these organizations:

  • TrillerVerz Boxing
  • Triad Combat
  • TrillerVerz Music
  • Verzuz Battles
  • Verzuz Games

TrillerVerz is a unique combination of combat sports and musical performances to create the world of TrillerVerz.

You’ll get unlimited access to the content mentioned above with this subscription. You can expect the content to be a media-rich symphony from stars like Michael Hunter, Pablo Cesar Cano, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, etc.

You’ll also get access to discounts on upcoming PPV events.

TrillerVerz Pass costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year to subscribe and access. Click here to see everything included with the TrillerVerz Pass.

AEW Plus

All Elite Wrestling Champion Scorpio Sky
All Elite Wrestling, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

All Elite Wrestling is for the “professional wrestling” fanboys. They might not be at the heights of the WWE, but they offer a consistent and enjoyable dose of entertainment four nights a week.

AEW Plus includes access to content for several AEW events each week:

  • AEW Elevation – 7 pm ET on Mondays
  • AEW Dark – 7 pm ET on Tuesdays
  • AEW Dynamite – 8 pm ET on Wednesdays
  • AEW Rampage – 10pm ET on Fridays

With AEW Plus, you can watch these wrestling events live every week and enjoy them without any commercial breaks while chatting with fellow fans during the show.

You can also access the Battle Of The Belts Specials and past events in AEW’s library to watch the replays whenever you want.

AEW Plus offers a 7-day free trial, then $6.99 per month. Click here to see everything included with AEW Plus.

Does FITE Show AEW Live?

FITE shows AEW live for members of the AEW Plus subscription, which can be added to your FITE account for a monthly recurring payment.

NWA All Access

NWA All Access is a subscription to the National Wrestling Alliance’s pro wrestling. Another great option for classic wrestling entertainment fans!

NWA All Access includes access to the following live content every week:

  • NWA Powerrr – Tuesdays
  • NWA USA – Saturdays

You’ll also be getting access to their entire catalog of NWA Powerrr and PowerrrSurge shows and a selection of past PPV events to watch on-demand.

In NWA access, you’ll be able to enjoy wrestling talents from the likes of Nick Aldis, Chris Adonis, Mike Bennett, JR Kratos, Thunder Rosa, and more.

NWA All Access costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. You also get additional benefits to access all upcoming and past pay-per-view shows if you subscribe for the annual subscription.

Click here to see everything included with NWA All Access.

Top Rank

For Boxing fans with a FITE account, you can subscribe to the Top Rank offer and gain access to 20+ live events each year.

You’ll also be able to access all recent Top Rank events 30 days after their live aired date to watch on-demand as much as you want. You can rewind the action and enjoy those knockouts on your own terms.

During the live events, you can take advantage of FITE Chat to talk with other Boxing fans while the action is happening.

Top Rank costs $4.99 per month to access. Click here to see everything included with Top Rank.

What Is Free On FITE TV?

FITE TV has many free live events and shows each week on their content schedule including FITE In Focus, Tampa Bay Pro Wrestling, OVW Live, So Says Shernoff, MLW Fusion, BKFC Prelims, Lineage of Greatness Docuseries, and The Jon Fitch Knows Nothing Podcast.

To get a full rundown of upcoming free events and shows on FITE TV, click here to check out the FITE schedule.

Is FITE TV Worth It?

FITE TV Website Preview April 2022

FITE TV is a worthwhile subscription when you sign up for FITE+ or any other available subscriptions to AEW, NWA, Triller, and Top Rank. With a subscription, you’ll be able to enjoy many more live events with PPV often included in the cost.

FITE TV is a great option to get fight entertainment for an excellent price. There’s tons of value on offer for free and their paid options.

Is FITE TV Safe?

FITE TV is a legitimate and safe online streaming service for combat sports. It’s accessible in 55 countries and includes a mixture of Pro Wrestling, Boxing, and MMA shows and live events that offer an entertaining experience in the lower leagues of combat sports.

What Countries Is FITE TV Available In?

FITE TV is available in most major countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Germany. Some content types have exceptions to availability because of unique contracts with combat sports promotions.

FITE TV can be accessed by residents of 55 countries. The full list includes:

United StatesEstoniaNetherlands
United KingdomFinlandNew Zealand
GermanyHong KongPortugal
ArgentinaIcelandPuerto Rico
BahamaItalyRussian Federation
BangladeshJapanSaudi Arabia
BrazilKorea, Republic OfSouth Africa
Czech RepublicMongoliaUkraine
DenmarkMyanmarUnited Arab Emirates

So there you have it, FITE TV is a legitimate streaming service for combat sports fans just like you. If you are interested in trying out a whole new level of combat sports streaming, then you can create an account for free and choose which subscriptions you want to add to your viewing.

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