9 Best Boxing Gift Ideas For Him

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With the holiday season just around the corner, you must be scouring the net trying to find the perfect gift for that special fella’ in your life.

Whether you need a gift for the boxing amateur or the couch potato Tyson Fury superfan, this article of the best boxing gift ideas for him has you covered.

There are options for just about any treasured guy in your life. See my top gift ideas below!

1. Travel Locker XL

Top pick for gym

Revgear Travel Locker XL

★★★★★ 5/5

Revgear Travel Locker XL
The perfect gym bag for any boxer or martial artist to keep everything they need.

Travel Locker XL is an entire locker you can carry on your back. Perfect for traveling or the busy guy on the move between work and the gym regularly.

The Travel Locker XL, AKA “The Beast” variety, is the ultimate martial arts backpack for that boxer who travels around a lot or just needs the perfect carry case for all their boxing equipment.

This is not your regular gym bag. It’s so much more.

This XL version is designed to be super spacious inside, so you can fit everything you need in one bag. Your boxing gear, plus any personal items you need, like a water bottle, your phone, wallet, and keys!

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes (50% OFF!)
Top pick for Black Friday deals!

Venum are quickly becoming a powerhouse of martial arts and combat sports equipment. Quality gear that stands the test of time, with a unique style that helps any boxer look fresh.

It has plenty of inner compartments for staying organized. A waterproof pocket on the side for anything particularly smelly or sweaty.

It even has a separate laptop compartment for that special bloke who is moving between work and training daily.

There’s plenty to love about this for a boxer in training, and it’s guaranteed to make an excellent gift that they’ll use often.

2. Bob XL Punching Bag

Top pick for home boxer

Century Bob XL

★★★★★ 5/5

Century Bob XL
The improved Bob with extra lower abdominal and upper thigh surface for perfecting more strike variations.

Height-adjustable from 60″ to 78″, fillable with water making it stable enough for regular punching but easy enough to change placement with a tip and wheeling.

If you want to really splash out for your special bloke and get something they will get a kick out of every day, then the Bob XL is a perfect choice.

Bob XL is a freestanding punching bag with a difference, as he has the upper body of a male opponent. This makes for a much-improved training tool in the comfort of your home, as it helps develop much better accuracy than a regular bag.

The special boxer in your life can strap on their favorite gloves and take to a few rounds on Bob XL’s face and body any time of the day. You can keep him indoors or outdoors as he’s very durable.

When you compare Bob XL with other options like the heavy bag, it’s clear to see the advantages of having something lifelike for better (and more fun) training.

While he doesn’t come cheap, he certainly makes for one of the most impressive gifts for a boxer that you can buy.

3. Boxing Fundamentals Course

Top pick for learning

Luke Howard's Boxing Fundamentals Course

★★★★★ 5/5

Boxing Fundamentals Course By Luke Howard
Learn everything from how to wrap hands to how to throw the perfect jab. The ideal beginner’s manual.

Luke Howard’s teaching methods are fantastic, and this online course will take a complete beginner from a dummy to a proficient boxer in just eight weeks!

If that guy you’re buying a gift for is just getting started in boxing or wants to start for the first time, then an online course to learn boxing could be exactly what they need!

There are many steps to learning the important fundamentals and plenty of newbie mistakes that would be better avoided, so following a strong structured program can help a ton.

Fellow martial artist and friend of MMA Hive, Luke Howard of Day One Martial Arts, created his Boxing Fundamentals Course exactly for these reasons.

His course covers just about everything you need to know when getting started in boxing. The terminology, how to wrap your hands, how to move your feet correctly (footwork), how to throw the perfect jab or hook – it’s all in his course!

I have personally trained with and learned from Luke in my martial arts journey and am a big fan of his course and teaching methods.

This makes an excellent gift for that dedicated boxing amateur in your life. I’ve also ranked a selection of the best online courses to learn boxing online, and Luke’s comes way out in front in the top spot.

4. Hayabusa Deadpool Boxing Gloves

Top pick for boxer

Hayabusa Marvel Boxing Gloves Display On Transparent Background

★★★★★ 5/5

Hayabusa Marvel Boxing Gloves (Deadpool)
Dual-X strapping system for elite wrist support, multi-layered foam, and Merc with a Mouth style.

Hayabusa’s gloves are some of the best value and protection you can get on the market, and these gloves are the pinnacle of Hayabusa technology alongside a Marvel design that makes you feel like a boss.

I recently got these exceptional – and fun – gloves in my hands and reviewed them for MMA Hive. Hayabusa is one of the top brands right now in boxing glove technology, and it’s easy to see why.

Their boxing gloves offer unrivaled wrist support and hand stability for boxers. They keep the wrist and hand-aligned and secure in any punching situation, which results in far fewer injuries and more comfort during bag work or sparring.

If your loved one is getting into boxing, already is a boxer, and has a soft spot for superhero (or antihero) comics, then this special Marvel Deadpool edition will put a HUGE smile on their face.

There just aren’t many other gloves like these, they feel really well crafted and designed to make the whole boxing experience a lot more fun with those iconic Deadpool white eyes staring right at your opponent.

I highly recommend them.

5. Impact Custom Mouthguard

Top pick for fighter

Impact Custom Mouthguard Fangs America

★★★★★ 5/5

Impact Custom Mouthguard (America Fangs)
A perfectly molded mouthguard for your fighter’s face. No more missing teeth here!

Impact is the leading provider of custom mouthguards for professional athletes across combat sports. They are the ideal accompaniment to any regular sparring activity.

Most people know you need a mouthguard if you’re getting into the ring for some boxing sparring.

But you (and your special man) may not know that the regular boil-and-bite mouthguards simply don’t provide the best protection for your teeth and jaw.

A custom mouthguard, on the other hand, is a mouthguard that has taken an imprint of your exact teeth and gums to create a mold, especially for you.

That custom mouthguard by Impact Mouthguards will offer the absolute best protection against any punches to the face and subsequent missing teeth.

This is an excellent gift for a regular boxer who is getting stuck in with sparring against his teammates.

6. Tyson Fury Vs. Dillian Whyte Canvas Print

Top pick for home


★★★★★ 5/5

Tyson Fury Vs. Dillian Whyte Canvas Print
A stunning artistic depiction of an iconic Tyson Fury moment on canvas print.

A canvas print like this will help to bring alive any room for the boxing fan in your life. They’ll hang this up proudly right on their bedroom wall.

If your special person is a big fan of boxing pay-per-views, a canvas print could be a great addition to their living room wall.

This canvas pick highlights a special Tyson Fury moment with a glorious uppercut against Dillian Whyte in the sixth round of their WBC Heavyweight championship fight.

A print like this is of really high quality, so you know you’re getting a gift that can be enjoyed for many years. The print has:

  • An acid-free, PH natural poly-cotton base
  • Fade-resistance
  • Matte finish coating
  • Mounting brackets included

It comes in a 24″ x 36″ size, making it suitable for most walls yet big enough to be admired as soon as you enter the room.

Many more canvas prints are available on Fightonomy if you’re looking for a different boxer or moment captured on print, too.

7. FITE TV Subscription

Top pick for PPV fan


★★★★ 4/5

FITE TV Online Subscription
Fight fans can watch all their favorite combat sports moments with an online viewing experience.

Includes boxing matchups from various promotions like Triller, BKFC, Ignite, and many more celebrity exhibitions, both past (replays) and present.

FITE TV is an online subscription service under the Triller network that offers live events and a library of content across various combat sports, including pro wrestling, mixed martial arts, and boxing.

The live shows include events by promotions like Triller Fight Club, Bare Knuckle Fighting, Probellum, Ignite, Rivalta Boxing, and much more.

The network runs some of the biggest boxing exhibition matches in celebrity boxing, like Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Deji, and Manny Pacquiao vs. DK Yoo.

The large library of Replays includes famous fights, too, like Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren and Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

FITE TV is a legit provider of top-level boxing fights and has multiple subscription options to suit the tastes of your special guy.

8. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions Video Game

Top pick for gamer

Big Rumble Boxing Creed Champions Video Game

★★★★ 4/5

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions
Play as your favorite heroes from the Creed & Rocky universe!

Fun storylines for twenty different characters and a great time beating up your friends in the arcade boxing ring.

With the success of the Creed movie franchise, they brought out a fun video game that is perfect for the boxing guy in your life who is also a gaming nerd.

Big Rumble Boxing brings back the style of popular fighting games of the past with an arcade feel that makes it endlessly entertaining to knock out your friends in the virtual ring.

The game includes twenty iconic characters from the Rocky and Creed universe, including Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa. Each character has a unique story and journey to follow to work your way through for solo play.

This video game is available on most of the major consoles, including Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

9. Meister Glove Deodorizers

Top pick for smelly gloves

Meister Glove Deodorizers

★★★★ 4/5

Meister Glove Deodorizers
Highly effective deodorizer for smelly boxing gloves that need some serious action.

Eco-friendly, highly absorbent, and flannel nunchucks are machine washable. It works just as well with sports shoes!

Is your special man coming home from the gym with a bunch of smelly gear? I know all too well how hard it can be to get that smell to go away.

More often than not, boxers don’t really take good care of their boxing gloves – where a lot of body sweat can reside for several days after use. Especially if they’re not aired out properly.

But it’s not so easy to air them out. You can’t always hang them outside when it’s bad weather, as that’ll just potentially harm the lifespan of a good pair of gloves.

So instead, a pair of Meister Glove Deodorizers can help absorb all the funky smells. Just drop the deodorizer into each glove overnight, and the nasty smell will be soaked up and replaced with a fragrance of lavender or fresh linen.

The pack has enough to last for a year and is cheap. So these even make a great stocking filler!

That wraps up my top picks for gift ideas for that special guy in your life. I also have a list of recommendations for the best gift ideas for UFC fans.

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