11 Best Courses To Learn Boxing Online

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We all know we need regular exercise to stay healthy. However, it’s sometimes challenging to stick to a workout routine.

After a while, you get bored and lose all your motivation. A great way around this issue is to find a sport that gets your heart pumping and keeps you excited.

Boxing is perfect for self-improvement. While the sport is great, finding a fun class around you may be tricky. Fortunately, you can learn boxing online if you’re persistent enough.

Let’s take a look at some of the best boxing courses online.

Top Online Learning Programs For Boxing

There are hundreds of online courses you can take to learn boxing. Unfortunately, scanning through each one can take hours. 

To save you a lot of time and effort, I’ve compiled a list of the top online boxing programs:

1. Boxing Fundamentals Course by Day One Martial Arts

Luke Howard's Boxing Fundamentals Course
$134.25 $179

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  • Perfect beginners course, no prior knowlege
  • Structured and detailed programming
  • Complex techniques made easy to learn
  • Friendly and engaging learning experience
  • 92-page workbook + 24 video training lessons
  • Little-to-no equipment needed
  • Practice it anywhere with online access
  • Turns a novice into a proficient boxer
  • Download video lessons for offline access
  • Gumroad platform can be a pain
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Friend and author on MMA Hive and professional MMA fighter; Luke Howard created his very own Boxing Fundamentals Course after teaching hundreds of beginners and noticing the same niggling issues.

Luke created this program that includes an 87-page instructional ebook and 24 follow-along video lessons to practice and drill boxing fundamentals like footwork, form, technique, and much more.

Luke Howard's Boxing Fundamentals Course

The ebook covers the theory of everything you would need to know. The terminology, the concepts, and generally a detailed guide to handhold your learning through learning boxing basics.

The video lessons then enable you to take the theory behind every movement and strike to practice in the comfort of your own home and learn to box in an eight-week course.

The creator, Luke from Day One Martial Arts, shares the same beliefs as me that the fundamental movements in boxing are the MOST important things to learn.

Every great boxer and every super combination comes from having a mastery of the fundamentals. It is the fundamentals that allow you to move and fight with confidence.

Floyd Mayweather isn’t one of the greatest boxers of all time because of some special sauce, it is because he obsessed over the details of the fundamentals for years. That’s why he has a thunder jab and articulate defense with ease.

If there’s any online course you should take to learn boxing online, THIS is the one.


  • Perfect for complete beginners.
  • Incredible level of detail that helps anyone to learn.
  • Well-designed ebook and videos with a TON of value.
  • Clear and fun video lessons with the creator.
  • Teaching core skills that will be good for life.
  • A great option to gift to a friend or family member.


  • It’s a large ebook that may not suit everyone’s learning style.
  • Quite an expensive course, but worth it.
  • Doesn’t come with any direct coaching.

2. TITLE Boxing Club on Demand

TITLE Boxing Club On Demand Preview

TITLE Boxing Club on Demand is an online learning program relying on its certified trainers’ knowledge. These boxers spent hours honing their skills and learning how to teach.

The site is full of boxing courses with extensive expertise. You can find classes for amateur boxers who are starting their journey with the sport. Still, there are also options for advanced athletes.

Professional trainers have years of experience that they use to help you improve. As an added bonus, they even offer classes on how to use boxing to de-stress and relax.

After you create a free account, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial. This can be an excellent way to dip your toes into boxing.

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Then, you can browse through all the available courses and see which one matches your preferences.

However, the price range can vary with the classes you choose. Generally, the more expensive classes tend to go into more detail about the different aspects of the sport. 

With TITLE, you can learn at your own pace. Almost all the courses come in easy-to-understand sections. You can repeat any part as often as possible to perfect your skills.

The only major issue is that you don’t get direct contact with the trainers. There is a method of communication, but it can take a while for you to hear back.


  • Many different boxing courses.
  • There’s a 7-day free trial period.
  • The website is easy to use.
  • There are many certified trainers on the website.
  • There are courses for amateur and advanced learners.


  • There are no live sessions.
  • The detailed courses may be expensive.
  • There’s no immediate direct contact with the instructors.

3. Boxing and Barbells

Boxing and Barbells On Demand Preview

As you can guess by the name, this establishment focuses on boxing and barbells.

It offers a few different courses that combine both aspects. You use barbells to build up your strength and agility to improve your boxing skills.

Owner of Boxing and Barbells, Cary, has a Level 4 coaching certificate from USA Boxing. This makes her uniquely qualified to teach the sport.

She created tons of diverse programs for any boxing enthusiast. The courses include a variety of training methods.

You can opt for a live online session with a trainer or a pre-recorded class. Either way, they deliver the same in-depth look at the activity.

Another great benefit of Boxing and Barbells is the customizable training. You can focus on specific aspects of the sport instead of general practice.

With the targeted training, it’s much easier to improve your skills quickly.

The course will increase complexity as you improve to keep you moving forward. You can also personalize the pace at which you want to advance.

To keep the sessions exciting, the site offers its own gear to increase workout intensity. However, you do have to purchase the gear separately for an additional cost.

The courses are incredibly thorough and detailed, but they can be expensive.


  • The Boxing and Barbells owner is a certified boxing coach.
  • It offers both live and pre-recorded online training sessions.
  • The courses dive into all aspects of boxing in detail.
  • The courses advance as you enhance your skills.
  • You can focus on your weaknesses for faster improvement. 


  • You may have to purchase extra gear to complete your training.
  • The courses can be pretty expensive.
  • Some of the exercises are too intense for beginners.

4. My Boxing Coach

MyBoxingCoach Website Preview

If what you’re after is a step-by-step guide to the sport, MyBoxingCoach may be the way to go.

This site offers a direct path to becoming an excellent boxer. Its main principle is that you can accomplish anything with hard work and dedication.

In addition, the company provides a 67-page beginners handbook to anyone who signs up. The book consists of 7 sections, each focusing on a different aspect of the sport.

The course begins with preparing your body for the physically draining activity. Then, you get a guide on how to build the perfect home gym and other basic starter skills. 

In the book, you’ll also find a few chapters about the psychology of boxing. This talks about the sport’s relation to violence and how to achieve the correct mindset.

By the end of the 7th chapter, you should have all the theoretical skills to walk into the boxing ring. However, you have to remember that this course is for beginners.

This means it’s unlikely anyone will achieve master boxer status by the end of the program. In addition, the course can be a little dry and may take a while to complete.

Finally, the tutorial includes some videos but mainly relies on written instructions.


  • You receive a step-by-step introduction to boxing.
  • The training covers how to prepare your body for boxing.
  • There’s a section about the psychology of the sport and improving mindset.
  • It provides a clear path from novice to intermediate athlete.
  • The book can help you create a fantastic at-home boxing gym.


  • The training mainly relies on written instructions, which can be slightly bland.
  • It can take a while to complete the entire program.
  • You can only advance so much with a beginner’s guide.

5. Box N Burn

Box N Burn Website Preview

With over 100 videos from certified instructors, Box N Learn is one of the best boxing online courses money can buy. Right off the bat, the website offers an introductory video that shows that they mean business.

You can join two levels and purchase both in one package for a reduced price. Moreover, you can choose an interest-free 3-time payment over both levels.

In level 1, you get access to over 50 videos that give you the fundamentals of boxing. The videos begin as simple as how to wrap your hand to protect it from injury.

Then you’ll gradually advance and learn how to throw the different punches properly and box against a virtual opponent (shadow boxing).

You’ll also learn how to catch a punch and mix the combinations of defense and offense.

Level two doesn’t only improve your basic boxing skills; it also allows you to teach them yourself. You’ll learn advanced combinations of punching, dodging, and footwork. It also provides you with various instructions to market yourself and your business as a personal trainer. 

Box N Burn claims its certificate is “from the most reputable boxing fitness certification in the industry.” Adding such a certificate to your resume will definitely increase your value as a coach.

Overall, Box N Burn offers a fantastic online course that can take your boxing and marketing skills to the next level. However, since it focuses too much on advanced boxing skills and marketing, beginners may find Box N Burn a bit too overwhelming.


  • Over 100 training videos that you can access 24/7.
  • You get exclusive access to the certified trainer’s Facebook group.
  • The course improves both your boxing and marketing skills.
  • After completion, you get the world’s #1 boxing fitness certification.
  • You can pay in installments.


  • The course is overwhelming for beginners.
  • The cost margin is on the expensive side.
  • Most of the content is pre-recorded, with hardly any live training videos.

6. Udemy

Udemy Website Preview With Boxing Courses

Many people consider Udemy one of the world’s leading online learning marketplaces. With over 54 million members, the site is one of the largest.

Because of its size, Udemy can provide thousands of courses to its users. The main idea of the business is to provide education to anyone who doesn’t have access to it.

The company hires skilled instructors to teach online to keep up with demand. This means you should be able to find hundreds of different certified boxing courses.

Unlike most other teaching sites, Udemy doesn’t follow a monthly subscription. Instead, you pick a boxing course, then pay for it.

After that, you get lifetime access to the entire program. This gives you complete control over how you go through the training.

Depending on your schedule, you can finish a course over a few weeks or months.

Unfortunately, some of the classes lack quality. In addition, there’s no set format for the programs on Udemy, which leaves the teaching style up to interpretation.

So, there’s a chance the instructor may be unable to match your learning style.

Still, if you don’t end up liking the training, you can get your money back from the course. Udemy has a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy.


  • You don’t have to pay monthly subscription fees.
  • There’s a wide variety of available boxing courses.
  • You can take the classes at your own pace.
  • It has a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy.
  • You get access to any course you purchase without an expiry date.


  • The site doesn’t have a set standard teaching format.
  • The trainers may not be aware of all learning styles.
  • You don’t receive a certificate from some courses.

7. Boxology

Boxology Website Preview

After you start your boxing journey, you aspire to learn about all the different styles. A great place to do that is Boxology.

This website has countless options for online boxing courses. The company divides its online sessions into three categories.

To start you off, they offer a fundamentals course. This tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know to get to know the sport.

You’ll get access to over 45 instructional videos that’ll break down all the aspects of boxing. 

Once you’re done with that, you can move on to Round 1. During the training, you’ll go into much more detail about techniques.

This will take you on a journey through the body’s anatomy and how it relates to the sport. It also includes a section about basic skills like footwork.

At the end of this course, participants are eligible to apply for certification. That means you can start teaching your own classes.

Finally, for anyone who wants to master boxing, Boxology created the Round 2 tutorials. This will focus on advanced techniques.

The classes will include instructions on aspects like defense and body punching.

To perfect your skills, you need experienced trainers, which Boxology offers. On the website, you can get to know some of their teachers.


  • The site provides a few different boxing courses.
  • The training programs cover all you’ll need to know about the sport.
  • You get access to certified trainers.
  • The trainers help walk you through all the different elements of the classes.
  • You can get certified after taking the Round 1 course.


  • The site doesn’t offer customizable courses.
  • The classes can be expensive.
  • It doesn’t offer a live session option.

8. Budo Boxing

Budo Boxing Website Preview

Tigran Bagdasaryan started Budo Boxing with one idea in mind. He wanted to create a place where people from all around the world could learn about the sport.

Since it launched, Budo has provided countless customers with top-tier boxing training.

At the company, they consider the activity much more than a combat technique. Instead, they think of it as a way of life.

When you join, you’ll get access to courses that you can access from any of your devices. You can watch them from home or at the gym. This makes the classes incredibly convenient.

Budo curates a training program that caters to your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, all your sessions will work towards the same goal. Doing so gives you the greatest chance of advancing quickly.

On top of that, you get access to an online boxing community. You can collaborate with other athletes to explore different techniques and skills there.

One of Budo’s top selling points is its certified instructors. They’ll help you throughout the course and help you perfect your game.

In addition, the trainers will provide you with general exercise you can do at home. This is to ensure that you keep moving even when not in class.

Unfortunately, this hands-on approach doesn’t come cheap. As a result, the course may be a little pricey for people with a casual interest in the sport.


  • The company offers courses that focus on every aspect of boxing.
  • It provides courses that you can complete on your own schedule.
  • You receive direct help from certified trainers.
  • The trainers can help you keep moving even when not in class.
  • You get access to an online community for assistance with the sport.


  • Many intense workouts may not be ideal for beginners.
  • The normal training programs can take weeks to finish.
  • These classes are on the more expensive side.

9. ExpertBoxing

Expert Boxing Courses Website Preview

Expert Boxing focuses on taking beginner athletes and helping them to the top of the sport.

It does this by following a specific training technique. We can break up the method into four main sections.

The first revolves around the basics. This area teaches you how to wrap your hands, set your feet, and punch properly.

It goes into extensive detail about each aspect. You’ll explore the reasons behind every move and how you can optimize your stance.

After that, we move on to the techniques. Here, the classes dissect different boxing styles. This is when you’ll learn more about fighting and knockout combinations.

Once you have the technical parts down, it’s time for training. You work on your core, stamina, reflexes, and power during this phase. The combination of these can help you enhance your boxing skills.

Finally, you’ll turn your attention to strategy. Even though boxing relies heavily on physical strength, it’s also a mental game

You have to choose the correct style to take down your opponent.

While this program can give you a deep understanding of the sport, it’s time-consuming. In addition, you can’t swap one of the methods for another; you need to follow the set schedule.


  • The programs boast that they can train beginners all the way until they’re experts.
  • You get an incredibly in-depth look at boxing.
  • The basics section can teach you all about how to get started.
  • You can learn how to increase your overall physical health.
  • Strategy classes show you how to prepare for a match mentally.


  • The full program is time-consuming.
  • You can’t choose which aspect of boxing you want to train in.
  • There’s a set schedule you have to follow.

10. Boxing Masterclass (Cornelius Carr)

Boxing Masterclass By Cornelius Carr on Udemy

If you’re a beginner at boxing, it’s best to start low and slow, which is the Boxing Masterclass specialty. The course deals with novices and gradually moves them up the experience ladder.

It offers interactive lessons on how to master the art of boxing. This presents learning opportunities for any amateur looking to expand their knowledge.

Cornelius Carr also runs a blog that dives into the technical information about the sport. There are many discussions on the techniques of the sport and how to apply them.

In some sections, you can post your questions and receive answers from professionals.

All this information is an excellent first stepping stone towards improving your skills. You can then start testing out your skills on your own.

Once you grasp what you’re capable of, you can move to the classes. This usually includes a personal trainer that walks you through what you need to improve.

With all the information on the course, it’s easy to get lost. There’s no direct path from beginner to expert.

Still, you can sign up for the masterclass, but it’s a little too expensive to get around that.


  • It’s an excellent site for beginners in the sport.
  • The website offers plenty of information.
  • You can ask professional trainers questions of a few forms.
  • There are personal instructors that can help you train.
  • You can choose a masterclass for faster improvement.


  • There’s a lot of information, so getting lost is easy.
  • The path from beginner to expert isn’t clear.
  • The master class can be pretty pricey.

11. Hattonboxing

Hatton Boxing Courses Website Preview

If you want to learn how to box like a professional, Hattonboxing may be the way to go.

Ricky Hatton founded it after winning four world championships and opening his gym.

The company offers classes on the fundamentals of boxing and how to better your skills. However, its specialty is turning advanced boxers into instructors.

To do this, Hattonboxing employs a strenuous training program. Generally, this involves classes on the principles of professional boxing and functional fitness.

The course shows you how boxing affects your body. Still, more importantly, it shows you how to teach this information to someone else.

You can choose to have one-on-one training sessions or work in a group setting. Big classes can make transitioning into teaching large classes much easier.

In addition, at the end of the course, you get a boxing certificate.


  • The courses are a product of four-time world champion Ricky Hatton.
  • The classes cover the basics of boxing and functional fitness.
  • It provides you with a boxing teaching certificate.
  • You can pick between working alone or with groups.
  • The sessions are highly interactive.


  • The program isn’t suitable for beginners.
  • It can take a long time for you to receive the certificate.
  • The training certificates are a little expensive.

Final say on online boxing learning options

If you want to learn boxing online, there are many great options.

As a beginner, Boxing Fundamentals Course by Day One Martial Arts is the perfect choice. You can also visit Udemy and TITLE Boxing Club on Demand to get started quickly.

For a little more in-depth training, you may want to check out Budo Boxing and ExpertBoxing. 

Hattonboxing and Box N Burn are the way to go if you’re interested in becoming a boxing instructor.

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