What Boxing Gloves Does Mayweather Use?

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Floyd Mayweather has one of the most legendary sports records the world has ever seen and uses high-quality boxing gloves.

Floyd Mayweather uses Grant boxing gloves for his fights. In his fight against Conor McGregor, he wore Grant gloves in gold with a red and blue thumb. And when he fought Manny Pacquiao, he wore Grant gloves in red with a blue thumb.

I bet you’re wondering if these Grant boxing gloves affect Mayweather’s ability to be so unbeatable. Let’s take a deeper look. Keep reading to learn more about Mayweather’s boxing glove choices.

What Boxing Gloves Floyd Mayweather Uses In Training

The Floyd Mayweather boxing gloves are typically his own branded boxing gloves during training, named The Money Team. Or TMT for short. You can often see him wearing his yellow TMT branded gloves at the boxing club:

The boxing gloves he uses from TMT aren’t widely available even on their website, so it looks like Mayweather’s TMT boxing gloves are specially designed just for him.

Sometimes Mayweather has been seen wearing Everlast gloves, too.

You’d usually want a heavier glove for training because sparring usually requires sixteen-ounce gloves and twelve-to-fourteen-ounce gloves for certain kinds of bag or mitts work.

The size of the gloves you choose for training can also depend on your weight and size. The bigger the guy, the more oversized ounce gloves they will need.

Mayweather is a pretty petite guy. He typically doesn’t need to wear any larger than fourteen-ounce gloves. But he has fought across several weight divisions, including:

  • Super featherweight
  • Lightweight
  • Light welterweight
  • Welterweight
  • Light middleweight

The Money Team brand is mostly an apparel brand with Floyd Mayweather’s marketing behind it. On TMT, you can buy caps, socks, backpacks, duffel bags, a heavy bag, and other accessory boxing gear for training.

Mayweather’s TMT brand features its motto:

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

But Mayweather typically chooses a different boxing glove for professional fight gloves. Gloves reserved for these fights are often brand new and used just once for the fight. Let’s look into it…

What Boxing Gloves Floyd Mayweather Uses For Professional Fights

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Juan Manuel Márquez
ian mcwilliams, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In his professional fights, Floyd Mayweather uses professional-quality ten-ounce gloves made by Grant Worldwide. Mayweather has worn the Grant brand for most of his Boxing career in great fights against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao, and Conor McGregor.

Many professional fighters use these boxing gloves because they are custom-made for each fighter and for each fight.

Mayweather famously would refuse to fight opponents if they chose to wear boing gloves with horsehair in the padding. This is likely because horsehair gloves are only suitable for one fight and will often deteriorate rapidly in the later rounds.

Horsehair is a common addition to boxing gloves made by brands like Cleto Reyes. The Reyes gloves are worn frequently by Manny Pacquiao, whom Mayweather has also had complaints about.

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With the Boxing style of Floyd Mayweather, he would often fight out opponents into the later rounds with top energy management. Floyd likely didn’t want to be facing a pair of gloves where the padding around the knuckles had worn down significantly in those later rounds.

The less padding around the knuckles, the more dangerous those fists can be.

Why Mayweather’s Gloves Are So Good

The Grant boxing gloves that Floyd Mayweather uses are excellent because they are handcrafted upon order. These custom boxing gloves can take 6-8 weeks to prepare and deliver to the buyer.

Here are some critical reasons for what the Grant gloves offer:

  • The padding around the knuckles has layered padding, which gives a good balance between a strong punch and protective of the hand
  • They have the patented triple-stitch thumb padding, which offers the best support to the shape of a fist
  • Alignment to the wrist and into the thumb is ergonomically perfected
  • The compartments for the fingers and thumbs are very deep and comfortable
  • They have a very flat punching surface, which helps to land the perfect punch and transfer power from the muscles

Grant boxing gloves can be great to use for light bag work or mitt work to maintain their quality over time.

For most people, you wouldn’t want to use your Grant boxing gloves for heavy bag work or heavy sparring because of their expense.

If you have an important Boxing bout coming up, you can’t get better than a pair of Grant boxing gloves to help you overcome your opponent.

Where To Buy Mayweather’s Boxing Gloves

Grant boxing gloves are notoriously tricky to buy. Grant Worldwide specializes in producing gloves for professional fights, some of the best-reviewed gloves available.

If you’re in the USA, you can try contacting Grant Worldwide directly by emailing them at [email protected]. But be prepared upfront that they will be expensive to buy and can take many weeks to prepare, manufacture and ship to you.

If you’re in the UK, use The Boxing Gloves, they have a Grant boxing glove selection. If they are currently out of stock, I’d recommend contacting them directly to ask about upcoming restocking.

The Boxing Gloves are also delivered to the USA and internationally for an extra cost.

By now, you know that Floyd Mayweather uses boxing gloves from the Grant Worldwide brand. He wears the Grant gloves in all of his professional fights.

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