8 Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners

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Updated on March 22, 2023

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Finding your first Boxing glove is like looking for the perfect first home for your fists.

You might’ve tried different gloves and didn’t love the fit. Today we’ll answer the question, what are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

The best beginner Boxing glove you can get is the Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves. It is a good combo of durability, style, comfort, and protection. What makes it better is it’s cheaper compared to other Hayabusa gloves and other brands.

Top pick

Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves
Comfort, Style, Protection, and cheapness combined, all in one glove!

It has one secured stretchable strap for optimal wrist support. The glove also has multi-layer padding for maximum protection for beginner’s hands. Ultimately, it has the premium look of Hayabusa for a relatively lower price.

Looking for the right glove is as hard as searching for your soulmate. To make it easier, we’re here to help. Read on.

8. Anthem Athletics Stormbringer II


Anthem Athletics Boxing Gloves Review Portrait Images

Our Rating: ★★★★ 5/5

Anthem Athletics Stormbringer II
Buffalo leather skin that’s more durable than regular leather

Made with high-grade buffalo leather, Anthem Stormbringer II is one durable son of a glove. Its durability guarantees comfort and top-notch wrist support for any beginner’s hands.

Anthem Athletics Stormbringer II has buffalo leather skin that offers a new experience of durability and protection. It is matched with an extended knuckle padding to lessen the pain for beginner fighters.

Stormbringer II best performs as Muay Thai and Kickboxing glove with its wrist flexibility intended for kick catches and sneaking some short punches from the clinch. If you’re a beginner Boxer, you can still use this; however, an upgrade for a pure Boxing glove is recommended as time passes.

The wrist support is superb with its sizeable single strap velcro that offers a perfect lock on the wrist. The fit is excellent and gives a satisfying snug fit on the finger portion and the entire hand.

With it being a Muay Thai and Kickboxing glove, you can expect a lot of hand flexibility while wearing the glove. This flexibility will also add a bit of a comfortable feeling. Moreover, the glove has a breathable mesh palm area and a sturdy grip bar.


  • Durable
  • Well-ventilated
  • Its exterior deflects sweat


  • It might be too spacious for some
  • Not that suitable for pure Boxers
  • Some say that glove color is easy to fade

7. Everlast Elite Pro Style


Our Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves
Has a palm-full of ventilation. Comfortable, cheap. A reliable choice

Everlast Pro Style has ventilation all over the palm area, making it extra comfortable. The glove has shield padding that simultaneously protects your knuckles and wrist. It’s also cheap, making it beginner accessible.

One of the most critical factors for a beginner glove is comfort. The Everlast Pro has its palm made of a breathable mesh that guarantees an easy feeling when throwing punches. However, there’s more it can improve when it comes to wrist padding.

Another reason why Everlast Pro makes it to the list is its price. The glove is one of the most budget-friendly Boxing gloves; perfect for anyone to start with, especially if you’re still unsure if you’ll continue Boxing.

Everlast has this ever cool technology that eradicates almost all unwanted odors that the glove may absorb during the training. Moreover, the glove is shaped and designed to stabilize the entire hand when landing punches to lessen the pain the user will feel.

The glove comes in just 14oz, which is the ideal size for all beginner Boxers. This is a training glove, meaning you can use it in any type of Boxing training you want without worrying if it will break or hurt you.


  • Cheap
  • Well-ventilated
  • Acceptable knuckle padding


  • The wrist support still needs improvement
  • Some say that it’s easy to wear down after continuous training
  • Some say that thumb stitching is low quality

6. Everlast Powerlock Pro


Our Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

Everlast PowerLock Pro Training Gloves
Has enough palm opening for extra hand wrap space and comfort

Powerlock Pro has a big palm slit for ventilation and space. Moreover, Its extra fist and wrist padding make it suitable for rookies. It also has a Hook-And-Loop Closure for a straightforward put-and-remove action.

Everlast Powerlock Pro can be described as an improved version of the Everlast Pro style. It is more padded in the knuckle area and wrist, providing more safety for beginner martial artists. 

Comfort-wise, the glove also shines pretty well. Beginner Boxers need a good amount of hand wrapping to avoid unwanted knuckle pealing. Powerlock Pro has a palm slit that allows more space for hand wraps; it also promotes a whole new level of comfort inside.

Its Hook-And-Loop Closure makes the glove easy to wear and take off. Despite that, the strap still performs well in holding the glove in one place during a training workout. 

Powerlock Pro’s outer skin is made of authentic leather. Being leather-made makes the glove durable and is expected to last long despite continuous training. A beginner glove needs to be durable because, in this stage, a lot of training is necessary to achieve improvement.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Well-padded
  • Breathable mesh


  • Some say that its wrist area is only synthetic
  • Very tight at first
  • Some say that lining comes off easily

5. Fairtex BGV14


Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

Fairtex BGV14 Microfibre Boxing Gloves 
A durable all-around glove with unlimited designs to choose from

Fairtex BGV14 is a durable Muay Thai glove that can also be used as a Boxing glove. It is well-padded, giving beginners the right amount of protection and comfort.

As a beginner, you can use the Fairtex BGV14 in any type of training you want. From mitts, and heavy bags, to sparring sessions, the glove will shine equally bright every time.

Fairtex is known to be a Muay Thai brand. This glove’s cuff has a circular shape to promote more flexibility regarding Muay Thai grabs. This circular cuff gives a bit more room for beginners for their wrists to move freely.

The BGV14 has a unique velcro lock system that does an excellent job of holding on to your wrist nice and tight without restricting blood flow. Blood flow is vital to the hands of beginners because, without it, you can’t move and generate power in your shots.

Hygiene-wise, the glove is very good. It has a polyester exterior that reduces moisture, which can help to avoid any foul odors.

Enough vent wholes are also present to keep the insides dry after training. This allows beginners to use it every day without worrying about the cleanliness of the glove.


  • Durable
  • All-around gloves
  • Good velcro lock system


  • The thumb space is too wide for some
  • Fingers can sometimes feel pushed into the corners
  • Some might find it hard to put on
  • Some claims to develop a rash from wearing the glove, the material might not be suitable for all

4. Ringside Bullet Gloves


Our Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

Ringside Bullet Sparring Gloves
Extra padding with a comfortable feeling inside. Underrated but performs well

Ringside Bullet Gloves are sparring gloves. Meaning to say, it has more padding on the knuckles and wrist to provide more support. Despite being a sparring glove, beginners can use this as day-to-day gear.

Ringside Bullet Sparring Gloves are made of mid-grade Pakistani leather. It still has that durability factor for beginner gloves. Ringside is also an underrated brand on this list as professionals rarely use it but that doesn’t make it unsuitable for beginners.

On the inside, it’s layered with a tricot polyester that will give beginner Boxers a feeling of comfort while wearing it. The glove has a mesh palm making the glove more breathable. Moreover, there’s a good fit that keeps beginner hands stable.

When it comes to wrist support, it has a singular velcro strap that goes all the way around the wrist to ensure a perfect lock.

With the glove being a sparring glove, it has extra padding on the knuckles and into the back of the hand. 

These characteristics make this glove a must-have for newbies; they can use it for general bag workouts and mitt sessions, but it performs its most fantastic in light or heavy sparring.


  • Relatively cheap compared to bigger brands
  • Comfortable to use
  • Well-ventilated


  • The plastic logo might cut your partner during sparring
  • Some parts are over stitched
  • Some say that it has some minor leather imperfections

3. Venum Impact Boxing Gloves 

Also great

Our Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves
Gloves that shine in different martial arts. World-class brand, yet cheap

Venum Impact Boxing gloves offer top-of-the-line comfort with its soft synthetic leather interior and exterior skin. Despite the soft touch, the padding is thick enough to protect a beginner’s hands.

Venum Impact gloves allow beginner boxers to have a world-class brand at the start of their martial arts journey. With its relatively lower price than other models, this glove is considered a steal. It’s cheaper because it has a synthetic leather exterior.

Its synthetic leather finish on both exterior and interior provides the glove a soft touch that gives comfort to anyone using it. Despite the softness, the glove is well-padded, which balances out the comfort, durability, and security of any beginner’s hands. 

Venum Impact is well-ventilated. It has an ample amount of vent holes on the palm and thumb. On the palm side, it has breathable mesh to add more comfort to the overall glove. 

The glove has an attached thumb that guides the user on how to properly position his/her hand before, during, and after throwing a punch.

When used, you can easily open and close your fist without needing a break-in period. This makes the glove usable in Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, and KickBoxing.


  • Clean stitches
  • Compact; good for traveling
  • Good overall padding


  • Glove skin might rip when used too much
  • You can feel some stitches on the tip of the finger compartment
  • Not genuine leather

2. RIVAL Boxing RB1 2.0


Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

RIVAL Boxing RB1 2.0 Ultra Bag Gloves
Comfort matched with maximum protection. Also small and big hand-friendly.

RIVAL Boxing RB1 2.0 has microfiber skin that requires easier maintenance than leather. It’s made with thick knuckle pads to ensure optimum protection for beginners. It also has strong velcro for better support.

RIVAL Boxing RB1 2.0 has a microfiber skin that allows beginner users to have easier maintenance compared to leather gloves. Moreover, it has high-quality velcro for better wrist support.

Durability speaking, the glove will not disappoint because it has double stitches in its linings, especially on the thumb and upper wrist portions, where ordinary gloves usually break down after several training sessions. You can expect to grow with RB1 2.0.

It has a large breathable mesh on its palm area to provide more comfort. On the interior is a tricot foam liner that absorbs excess moisture and gives a comfortable feeling on the inside.

The glove has an attached thumb piece. This helps beginner boxers to correctly position their fists when throwing a punch. Furthermore, promoting proper fist posture will also keep rookie Boxers away from injuries.

RB1 2.0 is intended for heavy bag works. With that, you can expect to feel more knuckle and wrist padding, giving the user more protection and security when training.


  • Good wrist support
  • Good knuckle padding
  • Durable


  • It might be too stiff for some
  • Will take some break-in time
  • A bit heavy on the top side

1. Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves

Top pick

Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves
Comfort, Style, Protection, and cheapness combined, all in one glove!

It has one secured stretchable strap for optimal wrist support. The glove also has multi-layer padding for maximum protection for beginner’s hands. Ultimately, it has the premium look of Hayabusa for a relatively lower price.

Hayabusa H5’s skin is made of faux leather (artificial leather), making it cheaper for beginner martial artists to buy. What makes it the best glove for beginner Boxers is its multi-layer padding protection that will aim to correct your overall hand and thumb fist position anatomically. 

Hayabusa is known for its premium-looking gloves in exchange for a high price. With this cheaper Hayabusa glove, beginners can now have a premium experience at the start of their martial arts journey.

The glove has one stretchable velcro wrist strap. Despite the single strap, it does a perfect job holding on nicely. The wrist section has a good amount of padding for more protection.

Hayabusa H5 has various sizes ranging from 10oz to 16oz. For beginners, buying either 12-14oz is advisable to achieve the best experience. The H5 is a training glove so that you can use it in mitts, sparrings, and heavy bag workouts.


  • Stretchable, “fit to all” wrist lock
  • Well-padded
  • Cheap


  • Can be hard to take off and put on
  • Some say that the inside lining or leather is easy to break

So there you have it, that’s our master list of the best boxing gloves for beginners. You should have a couple of great options that are the best fit for your needs, but any choice from this list you choose you can’t really go wrong.

Once you have your perfect boxing gloves option, it’s time to learn how to get into Boxing and avoid some of the most common mistakes.

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