7 Best Boxing Gloves For Big Hands (Long Fingers & More)

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Having plus-sized hands and extra-long fingers can be a headache when choosing suitable boxing gloves.

A normal-sized glove often won’t quite cut it for someone with big hands because it’ll be at least very uncomfortable and, at worst, be squishing your hands into unnatural curvature that’ll cause injury.

My top pick of the best boxing gloves for big hands is the Ring to Cage Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Gloves because they have many large-size options, MiM-Foam padding, and dual strap wrist support.

But I have a couple more great options to suit different budgets:

If you’re struggling to choose gloves for your large hands, keep reading. There are several options worth considering…

Top choices of boxing gloves for big hands

Let’s crack on with the selection of gloves ideal for larger-than-life fighters.

Each glove I picked out has at least an 18 oz version, which is often good for big hands. And one for even larger sizes.

Here’s a quick list of what’s included:

  1. Title Boxing Interrogate 2.0: Great price, padding and comfort for big hands
  2. Hayabusa T3: Leading wrist support tech and large enough for thick hands
  3. Ring to Cage Sparring Gloves: Up to 24 oz size for huge hands, plus great all around
  4. Cleto Reyes E600: Classic boxing style for speed & accuracy proficiency
  5. Rival Boxing RS2V 2.0: Good sparring-specific option for heavy hitters
  6. Ringside Apex Flash: Sparring glove for big hands on a budget
  7. ONX X-4: Premium and pricey, coach Trevor Wittman’s brainchild of glove perfection

If you have long fingers and broad hands, these are my best picks for you.

TITLE Boxing Interrogate Training Gloves 2.0

TITLE Boxing Interrogate Training Gloves 2.0

Designed with Infused Foam for an impact-resistant core, contoured hand position, and a secure fit with adjustable wrist strap. Great for big hands or long fingers.

  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Protects hands and elbows
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Suitable for bag work and sparring
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Promotes cooler, drier workouts
  • Sizes 14 oz > 20 oz
  • Might feel too tight
  • May not fit all hand sizes
  • Single velcro strap
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The TITLE Boxing Interrogate Training Gloves 2.0 is a solid and affordable option for big-hand folks.

It has a great selection of large sizes, making them useful for most:

  • 14 oz
  • 16 oz
  • 18 oz
  • 20 oz

If you have big hands and long fingers, you’ll want at least 16 oz size.

Not only because 16 oz is typically the minimum size for sparring. But also because you’ll likely get a more comfortable experience with your long fingers.

The glove has excellent wrist and knuckles support, considering the price.

Its infused foam padding can absorb more force than a regular glove, making it suitable for sparring or heavy bag work.


The fitting is just a single velcro strap, which is expected at this price level but could be a reason to pick another option if wrist stability is important to you.

What’s also nice is that the gloves have a thick grip bar (across the inside palm) which makes for having a nice sealed fist position for better form in your punching.

A glossy glove material gives these pair a striking look, which might be great for some tastes while too garish for others — there are blue, gold, red, and grey variants to choose from.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves 

Wrist Support
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Probably the best glove on the market for stellar wrist support and stability that helps to reduce and prevent hand injuries unlike most other options. Dual-X strapping, Fusion Splinting keep things nice and tight.

Read our review

  • Vylar-engineered leather material
  • 5-layer foam padding
  • Dual-X strapping closure system keeps wrist and hand secure
  • Fusion Splinting ensures hand-to-wrist alignment for added stability
  • Grip bar for holding a tight fist
  • Perforated and elasticated palm
  • Available in sizes 10oz-18oz for all needs and fighter weights
  • 18+ color variations to choose from
  • Dual straps can be a bit fiddly to wear and take off
  • Needs extra care to keep them odor free
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Hayabusa T3 gloves are an MMA Hive favorite because of their exemplary wrist support.

They also have a size range of 10 to 18 oz. So you big-handers can definitely consider these in the 16 or 18 oz options.

If you’re particularly heavy and sizeable, the 18 oz will be useful for every type of training, whether on the bag, pad work, or even sparring.

These gloves have a considerable amount of soft padding on the knuckle area, enough to handle heavy bag training and light to hard sparring.

Hayabusa is leading the charge regarding glove tech, advancing what it means to keep a fighter’s hands protected during rigorous training sessions.

They even look great, with plenty of color combinations and other styles that should please any aesthetic-desiring athlete.

Ring to Cage Deluxe Sparring Gloves

Huge Hands
Ring to Cage MiM-Foam Sparring Gloves

Ring to Cage offers these sparring gloves that enable the heaviest hitters in the game. One of the few brands to offer glove sizes up to 24 oz for huge hands.

  • MiM Foam Technology protects knuckles
  • Ultimate wrist support with Safety Strap Closure System
  • Unmatched level of protection
  • Made of cowhide leather
  • Attached padded thumbs
  • Soft poly/nylon lining for quick drying
  • Multiple sizes available (14oz-24oz)
  • Fiddly to get the dual strapping on and off
  • Velcro catches on your wraps when getting them on
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Ring to Cage have answered prayers for many big-handed boxers, as these are one of the few options on the market that offer sizing up to 24 oz.

Not only that, the gloves have a MiM-Foam, an injected molded foam that makes its knuckle padding denser, which means more protection in less space.

This glove has a dual strap wrist support that will make it fit better and provide better support for plus-sized hands.

It has a designed curvature for the fist, so there is minimal effort to ball your fist when throwing a punch. They also have a hefty grip bar to ensure a tight grip.

Good ventilation, great injected foam padding, and significant sizes make this a no-brainer for anyone in the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight sizes.

They also look iconic in the marine green but are also available in a desert tan.

Cleto Reyes E600

Cleto Reyes E600 Boxing Gloves

High quality and heavy duty gloves crafted from genuine cow leather. Optimal wrist support and a firm fit that maintains weight balance even during heavy sweat sessions.

  • Great for heavy bags, sparring, and general training
  • Provides excellent wrist support
  • Firm, fast fit with leather strap hook
  • Long-lasting latex foam padding
  • Water-resistant lining
  • Enhanced knuckle support for power
  • Anatomical structure for satisfying punch snap
  • Sizes 12 oz > 18 oz
  • Padding might feel too thin for some
  • Wrist area could feel too tight initially
  • Requires significant break-in time
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Cleto Reyes joins the list of plus-sized glove options as they come in a dozen color options but also can be sized up to 18 oz.

This brand has been around for a long time and is popular with boxing legends.

The glove design is a classic for boxing purists, and the bold colors match the styles of historic fighting matchups.

Cleto Reyes gloves often have very firm wrist strapping. Some say it can even be too tight, to begin with.

But that’ll be helpful for anyone with large enough hands that they need the additional support for the weight they can throw in their punches.

I think these make for great gloves for accuracy and speed work if that’s an important aspect of your training regimen.

Rival Boxing RS2V 2.0 Super Sparring Gloves

RIVAL Boxing RS2V 2.0 Super Sparring Gloves

Rival offer solid glove performance in firm microfibre padding and decent wrist support with the angled Ergo Xtreme strap system. A good option for any fighter focusing on sparring.

  • Upgraded, ultra-resistant outer raw material for improved durability
  • Re-adjusted ergonomic hand compartment for a perfect fist shape
  • Decent protection with multi-layered foam padding
  • Improved hook and loop wrist support and angled Ergo Xtreme Strap System
  • Made of super-resistant microfiber for durability and lifespan
  • Conic cuff design and soft, foamy cloth inner lining for comfort
  • Sizes 12 oz - 18 oz
  • Tight glove fit, you might need to size up
  • Good but not perfect wrist support
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The Rival RS2V 2.0 gloves are specially structured to be used in sparring and come in an 18 oz version to make them suitable for large hands.

The angled ergonomic hand compartment and strapping help to give you a prime punching position for stability and protection.

They are a bit on the pricier side, considering they are made from microfiber, but they are well-liked by many largely because of their durability for heavy sparring.

I’m personally not in love with the style of these gloves, as they leave a bit to be desired in flashy vibrance.

Ringside Apex Flash

Ringside Apex Flash Training Gloves

Dense shock-absorbing IMF padding and a taprered, wrap-around wrist closure makes the Apex glove a reliable option for heavy hitters on a budget.

  • 2.25" IMF padding for shock absorption
  • Durable synthetic leather shell
  • Full wrap-around hook & loop closure
  • Decent wrist support for cost
  • Mesh palm to keep hands cool
  • Available in sizes 14 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz
  • Suitable for mixture of martial arts
  • Can cause discomfort on fingers
  • Stitching frays quite quickly
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A glove that continues to surprise us with its affordability and reliability for fight training.

The Ringside Apex Flash boxing gloves are a great buy for the price.

Primarily useful for sparring with the 2 1/4 in injected foam padding. But also good on a heavy bag for a heavy hitter.

They come mostly in sizes 14 oz or 16 oz, but if you pick out the Black/Gold variant, you can even get them in 18 oz, making them large enough for someone with big hands.

Choose these if you’re saving pennies to get the whole sparring kit at once.

ONX Sports X-4 Training Glove

Superior Stability
X-4 Velcro Training Glove by ONX Sports

Extraordinary wrap-less gloves designed to provide elite wrist, carpal, and metacarpal bone protection on the market.

Check out our full review.

  • Provides superior support to the wrist, carpal, and metacarpal bones in the hand
  • Supports grip and hand position during training
  • Patented internal strapping system allows for adjustable sizing and support
  • The first wrap-less glove on the market
  • Versatile technology suitable for boxers and mixed martial artists
  • Ideal for sparring, bag work, and mitt work
  • Endorsed by Trevor Wittman, World Championship Coach & ONX Founder
  • Very expensive
  • Getting the first heat mold right is critical for a good fit
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I can’t complete this collection without mentioning the X-4. It’s the latest version of Trevor Wittman’s boxing glove (the UFC MMA coach).

Let’s get it out of the way: they are expensive.

But they are used by some of the world’s greatest mixed martial artists for fight preparation.

We’re talking about Justin Gaethje, Kamaru Usman, and Rose Namajunas.

They were designed specifically to maximize stability to the back of the hand and down to the wrist, keeping a perfect line that reduces injuries significantly.

And what’s better, and why they’re included in this list, is they are available in sizes 12, 16, and 18 oz.

The largest size should make them suitable for big hands and long fingers, keeping your weapons extremely well-kept.

If you’ve got deep pockets and want the peak of boxing glove tech, get the X-4.

Considerations when buying boxing gloves for big hands

If you have large hands, wide palms, long fingers, or just general thick mitts, then let me give you a few tips about making your buying choice.

Boxing gloves come in a huge range of sizes. They’re actually defined as weights in ounces, e.g. “16 oz.”

Those “sizes” can be 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz, 20 oz, and even sometimes larger with the Ring to Cage sparring gloves.

Choosing glove size by weight

Your first consideration should be what your own weight is. This is the starting point for selecting gloves, and here’s a general guide:

Bodyweight Glove Size Glove Size (Sparring)
110-140 lbs 8-12 oz 16 oz
140-165 lbs 10-12 oz 16 oz
165-190 lbs 10-14 oz 16 oz
190-215 lbs 12-14 oz 16 oz
215-240 lbs 12-16 oz 16 oz
240-270 lbs 14-16 oz 18 oz
270 lbs + 16-24 oz 18-24 oz

While some guides will say you can pick a glove size of 14 oz for the lower weight classes, I discourage it.

In some high-grade professional gyms, a 16 oz glove size is required for any sparring to protect your opponents.

The human brain is rarely much different between people, so it’s important to protect your sparring partners.

Once you get into the large bodyweights, you really should consider a minimum of 16 oz glove size for general use and an 18 oz for any sparring.

Choosing glove size by hand circumference

While your body weight is an essential factor in choosing your glove size, your hand circumference might also play a big part.

Especially if you have super large hands! Thickness, length, and width all matter here.

You can get a good idea of the size you need (for length and width) by your hand circumference measurement.

Here’s another sizing guide that you can pair with the one above to decide which might be the best option for you:

Hand Circumference Glove Size Glove Size (Sparring)
<8-<20 in 8-12 oz 16 oz
8-20 in 10-12 oz 16 oz
8.5-22 in 10-14 oz 16 oz
9-23 in 12-14 oz 16 oz
9.5-24 in 12-16 oz 16 oz
10-25 in 14-16 oz 16-18 oz
10.5>-27> in 16-18 oz 18-24 oz

If you need help measuring your hand circumference, check out my guide on how boxing gloves should fit.

Choosing glove size by purpose

The final consideration is to decide what you need the boxing gloves for.

In an ideal world, you’ll have a separate pair of boxing gloves for general use and another pair for sparring.

That’s because, in most boxing uses, you can use a smaller glove size/weight to get a snug-fitting glove that allows for speed and accuracy work.

A smaller glove size could also actually give you better protection around your fist, as well, because it’ll be a closer fitting around your hand for minimal dead space.

‘Dead space’ is empty air pockets inside the glove when your hand is inside. The less dead space inside the glove, the more protective the fit and less injuries.

When it comes to sparring, the glove size is mostly about giving your sparring partner the right level of protection. This is why you should always choose a 16 oz glove or larger.

But all three of these sizing considerations together, and you’ll be choosing the best option for your hands and for their purpose.

Final say on boxing gloves for larger hands

So if you have sizeable hands, you likely want to consider glove size options in at least the 16-18 oz range.

If you’re basically the size of Francis Ngannou, you might need a pair even bigger than that.

Consider the sizing recommendations with your body weight, hand circumference, and what purpose you want to use them for.

Then you’ll have the best idea of which glove size will work for you, and that might just aid you in picking from this list of the best boxing gloves for big hands.

What to read next

Now you should have a great idea about which gloves to consider if you have big hands.

Remember to keep in mind the length of the glove if you have longer fingers, thick comfortable padding if you have heavy hands, and sufficient wrist support to avoid injuries.

You might want to check out more options, so try out these articles:

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