Why Do Wrestlers Wear Tape On Fingers, Hands, Wrists?

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If you like watching pro wrestling on television, you might notice your favorite wrestlers wear tape on different parts of their bodies.

Wrestlers sometimes wear tape on their fingers and wrists because it improves their performances for several reasons. It reduces the pain of their injuries, supports their joints, and improves their grip. They also use it to cover their wedding rings, tattoos, scars, blades, and more.

Some wrestlers wear tape on their fingers, and some wear it on their wrists and shoulders. Keep reading and find out why.

Why do wrestlers wear tape on their fingers?

Pro-wrestlers wear tape on their fingers to support their joints and improve grip. Tape alleviates the pain of injuries by applying pressure. Sometimes WWE wrestlers hide blades on tape in case they need it to apply superficial cuts to themselves for effect.

The most common reason why wrestlers use tape is to support their joints. This allows them to perform moves without the significant risk of injury.

Due to the accumulative damage that wrestling does to a wrestler’s body, it is no surprise that some wrestlers have bad joints. 

Putting pressure on the finger’s joints with tape can help alleviate some stress on the bones. Especially those who perform moves like knife-edge chops, claws, and more.

Wrestlers also wear tape because of pre-existing injuries. Pro-wrestlers wear it to support their fingers’ structure and alleviate the pain. 

Some wrestlers just wear tape because they like how it looks and keep it throughout their careers.

Lastly, some wrestlers use tape to hide their wedding rings.

Cornette expressed that accessories like rings were frowned upon back then because they can cause more damage when they punch. 

However, some wrestlers cannot take off their wedding rings because their significant others watch them on television and can get pretty disappointed if they think you’re not wearing it.

Why do wrestlers wear tape on their wrists?

Wrestlers wear tape on their wrists for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Aside from making them look cooler, it helps support their wrists to do lifts and throws. The tape helps wrestlers’ grips when they grab each other for holds and even helps with soaking up sweat. 

Wrist tapes, just like gloves, are used for wrist support. Wrestling can be detrimental to a wrestler’s wrists because of the impact of punching and lifting.

WWE superstars wear wrist tapes because it helps support the wrist joints, which are vulnerable to fracturing or breaking.

Wrestling moves like the choke slam, mandible claw, Santino’s cobra, and more can all add a lot of pressure on the wrists.

Wrestlers like CM Punk wear their tapes on the wrist like gloves. They tape their wrists up to their forearm and down to their knuckles. He said, “it’s both functional and looks cool.” 

Marty Scur'l wearing wrist tape at the Impact! TV Tapings in Wembley, England on January 26, 2013.
Simon Q, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Wrist tapes support their knuckles for heavy impact punching and forearm smashes.  

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Wrestlers wear tapes like wristbands you might see in basketball and tennis. It prevents sweat from dripping down their fingers.

Otherwise, the sweat can make moves harder because it’s slippery.

Most wrestling holds require grip, and sweaty hands would not be helpful. Wrestlers also wipe their faces with their wrist tapes if they are covered in blood or sweat so they can see clearly.

The 90s, or the Attitude era of WWE, was one of the most popular eras of pro wrestling because of its edginess. Badass personas, gory matches, and entertaining promos won the hearts of WWE fight fans.

Blood was always there when we watched matches from that era, especially if we compare it to the current WWE.

Blades were used for cutting their own forehead for visual blood effects.

Wrestlers would get the blade off their wrists when they were down, apply a small cut, then throw away the blade or place it back into their secret taping.

Why do wrestlers put tape on their shoulders?

Kinesiology applies pressure on the ball and shoulder socket joint, reducing pain and discomfort. It also helps with mobility by aligning the muscles for a better range of motion. Wearing tape on the shoulder helps deal with these injuries.  

We see wrestlers wear kinesiology tape at times because of its benefits. First, it helps them deal with injuries and prevent them from happening. 

Wrestler from WWE Raw wearing shoulder tape
Megan Elice Meadows, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This tape supports the weak spots of your shoulders. It can help reduce pain in your tired muscles and re-align them to prevent over-extensions. 

The tape also helps the circulation of blood and fluid on their shoulders. 

Wrestlers take care of their shoulders because it is crucial for them to perform at their peak.

A strong shoulder means they can punch and carry opponents and climb cages or top ropes better and for longer.

Aside from aiding injuries and movement, wrestlers can sometimes use tape to hide scars or tattoos. 

Famous wrestlers who use tape

These are the most notable wrestlers that wear tape on live television:

CM Punk

CM Punk is one of the biggest names in wrestling currently. CM Punk is known for his long run in the WWE and his MMA career in the UFC. He is exceptional at wrestling and on the mic. 

We can see him taping up his wrists and forearm like a glove throughout his career. He marks it with an X in addition to his “straight edge persona.” 

Punk explained that it helps support his knuckles when punching, and he had a tattoo to cover it up.  


Cesaro is known as a powerhouse because of his sheer strength. He can lift and throw wrestlers regardless of their weight and body type. 

That is why he earned his nickname “Cyborg.” Cesaro wears RockTape on his shoulders to support it because of his history of injuries. 

Triple H

Triple H is one of the best wrestlers to ever do it. He had the best attitude and best personas when he went inside the ring. 

He is called The Cerebral Assassin as he always outwits his opponents. Hunter would wear tape to support his wrists and for better grip.

Ric Flair

The Nature Boy Ric Flair is the most decorated wrestler in WWE history. His record tied with John Cena for being a 16-time world champion cemented his legacy as an all-time best. 

Flair would wear tape occasionally. He would hide his blade under the tape to use for superficial cuts. 

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