Why Do Wrestlers Bleach Their Hair?

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It’s common to see pro wrestlers like Edge or Triple H with bright blonde hair that is clearly different from their natural color.

Wrestlers bleach their hair to build up personalities and stand out from others. You don’t need to have blonde hair. You can choose any color you want. The main goal is to catch the viewer’s attention with how you look and perform in the ring. 

Curious about pro-wrestling hair color rules? I’ve prepared a quick summary of that below. Let’s get right into it. 

Do you have to dye your hair blonde for wrestling?

Dyeing your hair blonde is not a requirement to be a pro-Wrestler. Some famous Wrestlers are either bald, don’t show their hair, or stick to their hair’s natural color. 

Depending on what they like, some also color their hair other than blonde. This is normal for WWE Divas like Eva Marie and Paige.

There are no prohibited hairstyles or colors in pro wrestling, including WWE and AEW. A wrestler named Tyson Kid has a haircut with all of his hair shaved except for his brown bangs.

There are many unique visual styles that competitors display in promotions like WWE unlike the UFC and other combat sports.

Having their hair colored has multiple reasons. Some even help them to grow and maintain their career contracts. 

Why wrestling athletes bleach their hair

The main reason why wrestlers bleach their hair is to stand out from other athletes. Having their hair colored will help them be remembered by wrestling fans.

Let’s admit it; we choose our favorite wrestlers depending on how cool they look. We don’t care about their names at first. 

If a wrestler makes cool moves and has a rad-looking outfit and excellent appearance, you’ll watch him again and again. 

Despite being an optional thing, many Wrestlers still do it. This is to build up their specific personality, usually being a bad boy jerk who wants to be the villain.  

Some wrestlers also pick a creepy outfit or personality. This is effective, especially for the youngsters to remember. 

The Boogeyman, Undertaker, Kane, Umaga, and Bray Wyatt. Those are some of the wrestlers who scared the living hell out of the viewers. 

A catchy appearance and personality will be your main key to success in the pro-wrestling. 

A great example is WWE superstar Shamus. When people describe a wrestler with orange hair and a beard, there can be only one!

Notable wrestlers who bleach their hair

Various wrestlers with bleached hair succeeded on the big stage of pro wrestling. Below are some of the best ones you might know.  

Triple H

Triple H is a retired WWE superstar. He is famous for his bulky body and long bleached hair. Despite that, OG Triple H fans know that he started with brown hair.

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H built up his image as a brown-haired bad boy. He captured the fan’s heart with his cool entrance and water spit trademark before entering the ring. 

Triple H’s career peak was during his partnership with Shawn Michaels. These two legends made an unstoppable duo named The Generation X. 

In addition, Shawn is also a long-haired blonde dude. People loved him for his cowboy-style outfit and mannerisms inside the ring. 

During H’s duo with Michaels, he bleached his hair, making him look cooler inside the ring. He matched this look by holding a large mullet to look more menacing. 

After some time, Triple H shaved his hair off. This signifies a new chapter of his career. Up to this day, H rocks a bald look as the chief content officer for WWE. 

Today, he facilitates tryouts and boot camps and plans future scripted wrestling matches for the fans. 


Edge is a former WWE superstar. He is loved because of his curly, long, bleached hair and explosive moves. His finisher move is called the ‘spear.’ 

Edge has had a pretty boy personality during his career. His bleached blonde hair helped him level up this image for the fans. 

He committed with his long blonde hair from the beginning to the end of his career. Edge defeated various WWE superstars, such as Alberto Del Rio and AJ Styles. 

Another trademark Edge has his red wrestling tights. Most wrestlers use wrestling trunks or shorts. Back in his day, he was the only one rocking that fit. 

Unfortunately, Edge was forced to retire due to some neck issues. He got it from his years of professional wrestling performances.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is a former WWE superstar. After getting out of WWE, he went on to become one of the most loved talents in AEW

Jericho had a lot of hairstyles both on WWE and AEW. Despite having different hair-dos, he maintained his bleached hair.

Chris rocked a short, messy blonde hair. Nothing too special with style, but he captured the fans with his moves and showmanship. 

Chris Jericho portrayed a rockstar persona later on in his career. With this, he grew long blonde hair, which amplified his looks by a mile. 

He continued this look in his AEW contract. But, he ditched the blonde hair and went for his natural brown hair instead. After months in AEW, he won the AEW World Championship title. 

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler can be described as one of the most hated WWE villains in history. He has straight blonde hair with a jerk attitude which really hooked up the attention of fans. 

With the amount of attention Dolph got to his personality, he prolonged his career. He continued triggering people when he won the Heavyweight and the tag team belt.

Ziggler is also a one-time United States Champion and Money in the Bank winner. 

Dolph was one of the hatest athletes, yet also one of the most decorated. He stands next to John Cena, Edge, and various hall of farmers when it comes to achievements. 

Is bleaching bad for your hair?

Bleaching your hair can have some negative side effects. Keep in mind that bleaching too often or using too much is what’s bad for your hair. Don’t bleach your hair every week, or else it’ll dry up and lose its shine.

It’s a good idea to wait 4 to 6 weeks before bleaching your hair again. This time frame allows your hair to rest and regain its lost nutrition caused by bleaching. 

People who bleach their hair too often will have more risks of excessive hair fall. In extreme cases, they can also suffer from hair dryness and even permanent bald spots. 

Bleaching can hurt the scalp if you do it regularly. It may burn your scalp and hinder healthy hair growth and nutrient formation. 

So be sure to know the risks and decide if you really like the color you’ll take before bleaching your hair.

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