19 UFC Twitch Streamers (MMA Fighters Livestreams)

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Mixed martial artists are some of the fittest, dedicated, and physically skilled people on the planet. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like to unwind and play some video games.

I like watching video games on Twitch like the next nerd, and I’ve noticed more of my favorite fighters appearing on the platform. So I decided to put together this list of UFC Twitch streamers for you.

You might be surprised by who is already streaming video games. I’m sure there will be more on the way as it provides a unique opportunity to connect with their fans and make easy extra money on the side.

I’ve tried to rank these in the order that they are most active. Here we go.

UFC on Twitch

The UFC has its very own official branded Twitch channel, which most recently has had regular live streams with Jens Pulver, a former UFC champion.

Jens’ contribution to the UFC channel has been live fight breakdowns leading up to Fight Night and PPV events with the UFC.

Jens “Lil’ Evil” Pulver

Jens is an all-American, now retired, mixed martial artist.

In his UFC history, Jens became the UFC Lightweight Champion at UFC 30 in 2001 after defeating Caol Uno.

Jens now spends some of his time live streaming and chatting with his fans on Twitch.

He streams a lot of commentary on past fights providing breakdown and analysis as well as occasionally playing the Sea of Thieves video game.

Sometimes you might also learn a thing or two from his MMA experience like “The Champ’s Hand Wrap Recipe“.

Jens is definitely worth watching for seeing some fight breakdowns from a professional ex-fighter!

Max “Blessed” Holloway

Considered one of the greatest fighters of all time, Max has gone up against every other name out there and has more often than not come out on top.

At the very least, always puts on an incredible display of fight skills making him a fan favorite and highly respected in the MMA world.

But Max isn’t just at the top of his game in fighting, he’s also at the top of the gaming game as he streams often on his Twitch to let off steam.

He has no shame about playing video games to relax and even had a message for his fans who tell him to get back to work.

When asked about why he doesn’t spar anymore in camps leading up to a big fight, he had some words of wisdom about head injuries and relaxing.

Max streams mostly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (like most MMA streamers) but has also played other games in the past like Grand Theft Auto V.

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Sean “Sugar” O’Malley

Sean likes to bring the world into “The Sugar Show” in all aspects. He currently fights in the Bantamweight weight class of the UFC and has been exciting fans worldwide.

Not only is he a great prospect for the future of UFC, but he’s also a very active Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and podcast host.

Sean has a pretty regular schedule, a lot of these habits he talks about in his podcast, which involves MMA training and sparring, streaming, relaxing, and hitting the ice-baths in the night. Take a look into his daily life:

Onstream, Sugar streams Call of Duty: Warzone almost exclusively but in the past has also played other shooter titles like Fortnite. He has some pretty handy sniping skills.

Sean seems like the kind of guy that will continue creating his own public brand image that will spread across social platforms and streaming. In the long run, this can only pay off well for him as his name becomes wider known and more of an a hot topic in pay-per-view events.

I’m looking forward to seeing him grow in all areas of his image.

Tim Welch

Tim is a recent addition to the MMA Twitch roster. “Timbo” is the teacher and owner of the TW BJJ & MMA in Arizona, United States.

Interestingly, he’s also Sean “Suga” O’Malley’s head coach. He’s been with Sean for several years and helping him to grow into a high-grade professional mixed martial artist.

Tim is a BJJ black belt. Co-host of The Timbo & Sugarshow podcast and proud redhead.

Tim is playing Call of Duty: Warzone almost exclusively on his Twitch. He’s also on Instagram and Twitter and even occasionally uploads an MMA-related vlog on his YouTube channel.

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson

Stephen AKA Wonderboy, holder of the Nicest MoFo belt is a highly respected kickboxer in the UFC.

He’s also a pretty active Twitch streamer where he plays mainly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In recent streams, he’s also been joined by fellow nice-fighter, Chase Hooper.

Wonderboy is always full of smiles and a positive attitude, which makes him a natural entertainer for streaming.

Stipe Miocic

The big man Miocic has a pretty active Twitch account where he mostly streams gameplay for the Call of Duty franchise.

Megan Anderson

Megan is a female fighter at the peak of her career, having had some great fight results. She even fought for Amanda Nunes’ belt at UFC 259.

She also has a very active Twitch account where she mostly plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and she is pretty darn good at it.

Megan is doing something interesting over there trying to grow as a gaming creator alongside her professional fighting career. Inspiring stuff.

Randy “Rudeboy” Brown

Randy is an active Jamaican UFC fighter alongside being a very active Twitch streamer.

He’s played a variety of games so far including EA Sports UFC 4, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and HITMAN 3. He’s also had some fight preview discussions on stream.

From the looks of it his following is still fairly small, but I think and hope for Rudeboy that with continued activity on his stream he will surely grow alongside his fight career.

A great personality, time will prove his entertainer status. Check him out over on Twitch.

Mike “Slow” Rodriguez

Mike is a Light Heavyweight mixed martial artist in the UFC. He’s also a reasonably active streamer on Twitch where he almost exclusively plays Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with his friends.

Johnny Walker

Johnny is a Brazilian martial artist currently competing in the Light Heavyweight division. He’s also on Twitch where it appears he plays some occasional Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Vinc “From Hell” Pichel

This BJJ-black belt and Light Heavyweight contender streams mostly his favorite game: Space Engineers.

But he’s also mixed in other games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and DayZ.

A great personality, I want to see his Twitch career rise up so check him out on Twitch.

Aljamain “Funkmaster” Sterling

Aljamain recently took to Twitch in a Just Chatting stream as he watched the Magny vs Chiesa Fight Night event. He talked about the fight and answered questions from fans.

He’s new to the Twitch game but probably worth following as I expect he might appear more on the platform.

Sterling is also building up a regular YouTube channel and even hosts his own podcast:


There are big things coming up for this fighter.

Angie “Overkill” Hill

Angie is on Twitch where she most recently streamed some fight training.

Dwight Grant

Dwight streams infrequently but has been using Twitch for quite a while. He has streamed Bravely Default II most recently and in the past Granblue Fantasy: Verus and Pokemon games.

Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker

Rob streamed some Fallout 76 on Twitch a couple of years ago but has been inactive since.

I personally would love to see him streaming as if his press conferences and interviews are anything to go by, he’d be a really great entertainer for the live steaming gig.

Anderson “Spider” Silva

Silva has a Twitch account but doesn’t stream. Hopefully one day!

Chris “The All American” Weidman

Chris has a Twitch account but with very little content on it. Maybe he’ll make a real run at it in the future.

Dominick “The Devastator” Reyes

I’ve yet to see Reyes start a stream, and there’s no video history of past broadcasts. But he does have a Twitch account that you may want to follow in case he shows up sometimes.

A final word on MMA Twitch streamers

There’s a bunch of Twitch streamers out there who are fighters, ex-fighters, and similar. The number of them will only surely grow more as time goes on.

I think in time, more fighters will recognize the unique opportunity to grow their brand further. With that elevated demand from the fans to see them in action, we’ll surely see them more active in bigger and better UFC events.

So I say, support your favorite UFC Twitch streamers. It can only help elevate them to even greater competition.

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