12 Best Gifts For UFC Fans

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Buying something special for your loved one is a challenge at the best of times, particularly for UFC fans who seem all too scrutinous when watching their beloved sport.

Luckily for you, I’ve put together this article that focuses on some of the very best gifts for UFC fans this year.

If you’re looking for gifts for an actual fighter, you’ll want to check out the best gifts for MMA fighters!

But let’s crack on with these options for UFC superfans.

1. UFC Official Fight Gloves

UFC Official Fight Gloves

For every UFC fan who also enjoys testing out their MMA skills on their heavy bag or sparring partner's faces.

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These are the same gloves that UFC fighters wear on a fight night. If your significant other is obsessed with watching the fights and air punching alongside, maybe it’s time to put them into training.

This glove is approved for UFC fighters and is made from 100% leather. MMA gloves like these are great for training because the open-palm design allows a fighter-in-training to move from striking to ground fighting quickly.

The fingers in these gloves can splay out widely and allow a grappling fighter to get a hold of their opponent and bring them to the ground.

Imagine the face of your loved one when they open these on Christmas morning. They’ll be grinning from ear to ear and wearing them instantly. You might lose them to the air punching or bag in the garage, but it will be worth seeing them ecstatic.

2. UFC Replica Belt

UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Title Replica Belt

Experience the thrill of the UFC with this high-quality replica belt, a great gift for teen fans or a fun gag gift for adults.

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You could try this replica UFC Championship Belt that will allow any mixed martial arts fan to feel like a champ as they stomp throughout the house with their shiny toy belt laid over their shoulder.

If you’re looking to buy a special gift that will see their face lighten as soon as they unwrap it, then this is a fantastic option.

It can be quite pricey to buy from some places, depending on the version, because it’s a collectible item.

3. UFC Trading Cards Box

2023 Panini Prizm UFC BLASTER box

Each blaster box contains six packs with a chance to find ultra-rare Octagon Silver Prizms and exclusive Flash Prizm parallels cards. An excellent fun addition to any UFC collection!

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The UFC even has its own trading cards collection in partnership with Panini which produces these high-quality collectibles.

Check out how much fun I had in my own first unboxing experience:

This blaster box comes with 6 packs, totaling 24 cards, with a chance to find some rare and ultra-rare cards.

Trading cards make for an excellent gift, especially for the collecting fan or a teen who still gets that Pokemon-card-opening rush with a fresh new pack.

Cards are always fun to open, and the collectible nature means they might just be worth something in a few years’ time!

4. UFC Action Figure

UFC Ultimate Series Action Figure

The perfect action figure for the young UFC superfan that wants to give 'action man' a run for his money in the octagon!

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Dive into the UFC world with the Conor McGregor 6-inch action figure!

Ideal for young fans, it features detailed tattoos, a true-to-life build, and 32 points of articulation for realistic action.

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Includes interchangeable gloved hands, a championship belt, and an Irish flag accessory. Part of a collectible series for UFC enthusiasts.

You can also grab Daniel Cormier and Max Holloway figures to complete the set!

A thrilling gift for any budding UFC fan.

5. UFC Slides

UFC Octagon Slides

These sliders make the perfect purchase for any UFC fan who loves lounging around the house and watching the next fight night in style.

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If your special person loves to lounge around at home in a robe, socks, and slippers, then a pair of UFC sliders will surely enhance their Hugh Hefner vibe even further.

These are officially licensed by the UFC and are the same style of shoe that each UFC fighter wears during their walkout to the cage.

Your UFC fan will surely enjoy imitating their own walkout into the living room while wearing their very own socks and UFC sliders combo!

6. Israel Adesanya Vs Anderson Silva Print On Canvas

Wall Art
Israel Adesanya Vs Anderson Silva Print On Canvas

One of the top moments in UFC history captured on canvas, when Anderson Silva faced off against Israel Adesanya and handed over the torch of elite striker status.

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If you have an artistic appreciator in the family, this print on canvas might be the perfect gift for your UFC fanatic.

This particular canvas from our friends over at Fightonomy depicts one of the greatest matchups we’ve ever seen between two of the most prolific striking masters in mixed martial arts.

In this print, Israel Adesanya is presented as a Ninjutsu martial artist, while Anderson “Spider” Silva is the real spiderman when taking off the mask.

This item will look incredible on the bedroom walls of your beloved MMA superfan. It’s an extra special gift for that special someone.

And if your recipient has a different UFC legend as their favorite fighter, Fightonomy has lots more canvas on prints to choose from.

7. UFC Venum Official Fight Shorts

UFC Venum Fight Shorts

Look the part alongside any fighter on the UFC roster with these official UFX x Venum fight shorts, available in black/gold, yellow, blue, green, red and white.

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The all-new Venum fight shorts worn by many UFC fighters inside the octagon, these MMA shorts are ideal for a student of the sport who wants to feel just like their favorite UFC star.

They even come in different colors, the same ones that are used in live UFC events including Championship Gold.

If you’re considering these for a special UFC fan in your life, then just find out who their favorite UFC fighter is before picking the color.

There are several UFC fighters that prefer particular colors of their UFC shorts. There are some Brazilian fighters, like Jose Aldo, who always want to wear Yellow shorts. And the Irish, like Conor McGregor, usually wear green.

These UFC Fight Night shorts come in sizes between 26 to 42 inches, so there’s usually a fit for any UFC fan in your life.

8. UFC Venum Fight Week Towel

Venum UFC Authentic Fight Week Towel

The Venum x UFC partnership crafted this towel with soft and highly absorbent 100% cotton. The same towel used by professional UFC fighters!

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This fight week towel is a great gift option for just about any UFC fan because it can be used as their new favorite towel in the home, or used with their gym kit when they go to martial arts class.

It has a striking black-and-white design with a prominent logo for both Venum and the UFC and a smaller embroidered Venum title in red at one edge. I love the style of this towel!

Crafted with 100% absorbent cotton, it makes for a very useful item that any UFC fan would appreciate having.

9. UFC Venum Hoodie

UFC VENUM Authentic Fight Night Hoodie

This Venum UFC hoodie is the same sweatshirt worn by UFC fighters when they walk out on fight night! Comfortable, available in all sizes, great for any UFC superfan practicing his walkout.

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Any fanatic watching every fight night will be used to seeing a very similar UFC x Venum hoodie worn by their favorite fighters.

The fighters wear a similar hoodie and the entire Venum set, with jogger pants and a t-shirt.

Usually, the fighters wear this hoodie warming up for their match-up, and it can be seen during the build-up to a big fight and their walkout moment.

“You know, that could have been me wearing that.”

“I could have been a UFC fighter if I wanted.”

Your UFC Wannabe Friend Or Partner

That’s why I think this is a perfect gift for that UFC fan in your life that says things like:

Well, now they can*!

*Feel like they were a fighter wearing this replica hoodie. Enjoy!

10. UFC Videogame

EA SPORTS UFC 5 for PlayStation 5

The ultimate gaming experience for any UFC or combat sports fan is the latest UFC video game produced by EA SPORTS. All-new levels of striking precision and grappling.

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Now I know what you’re thinking, this is an easy one. But if you know your significant loved one likes to play video games, and you know that they love watching the UFC – then what are you waiting for!?

The UFC 5 video game is a highly rated game amongst MMA fans and gaming nerds alike.

The animations, character design, and fun playing experience make this a game that almost anyone can pick up and learn quickly to have some fun.

I’ve personally played this in small tournaments for a round of beers at a bar, and even though it was my first time playing I still absolutely loved it, despite being beaten in almost every matchup!

The character models in this game are second to none. As any gaming fan knows, EA Sports creates life-like replications of sportspeople’s likeness for their games. And the UFC video game is just getting better with every new version.

11. Punch Tracker

Corner Boxing Smart Punch Trackers

High-end punching force trackers that slot into simple wrist wraps. They're useful at home, or the gym, no matter what bag or gloves you wear. Just a bit of an expensive option!

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Simply an exemplary gift for any fighter, amateur or not, who wants to apply a bit of data science to their training in boxing or MMA.

This gadget tracks the Force, Speed, and Endurance of your strikes and gives an overall score after every session with the connected app.

This small device can be placed in wrist straps to get accurate measurements of your strikes.

This force tracker logs the amount of force you deliver and at what speed, as well as logs your endurance ability to keep hitting harder for longer. All these data points are tracked with the accompanying app.

Using a sensor tool like this is great for amateur fighters to build up their abilities.

Sometimes it’s really hard to know if you are improving over time, and this helps to overcome that.

Working on improving striking technique is usually the best way to improve stats like the power and speed you can deliver, and being able to put a statistic to that improvement helps to know if you’re going in the right direction.

12. UFC Bobblehead

Conor McGregor UFC Fighter Bobblehead UFC

A fun gift for any bobblehead or novelty collector, this is just one of many UFC bobblehead collectibles produced by the Royal Bobbles company.

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A bobblehead that the UFC officially licenses, these little items are becoming all the rage for UFC collectors.

This bobblehead, in particular, is one of the great Conor McGregor gifts you could choose for any fan of the “Notorious”.

You can find other bobblehead collectibles from your favorite fighters, too.

This is probably your last chance as these collectibles are ending production!

For a real fan of the greats, this is an excellent gift to put on your loved ones’ desk or mantlepiece so they can enjoy wobbling their little head every time it’s a UFC fight night.

Common questions about picking the right UFC gift

Just in case you need some extra guidance, I’ve answered a few of the most common questions that come up for trying to pick out that ideal gift.

What is the best gift for a UFC fighter?

The best gift for a UFC fighter (or someone who wants to become one) would be the Venum UFC Fight Week Towel. Any fighter would need a highly absorbent towel for training, and as it is 100% cotton, it fits the bill.

What to get for someone who likes MMA?

For someone who likes watching MMA, a piece of jewelry like a sterling silver pendant shaped like an octagon would be a perfect gift. For someone who doesn’t wear jewelry, the UFC 4 video game is a popular option.

Who is the No 1 player in UFC?

Alexander Volkanovski is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world currently. But in terms of popularity, both Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov are closely tied for the number one spots.

Keep that in mind when picking out a gift for a UFC fan because they’re probably either #TeamKhabib or #TeamConor.

What is a casual UFC fan?

A casual UFC fan is usually someone who watches the main PPV events and is only interested in the biggest knockout artists. They usually lack an appreciation for how critical takedowns and grappling efforts accumulate points for a fighter.

Clinical strikers in the UFC are more entertaining to watch for the filthy casual, but exemplary grappling skills win more fights.

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