What Is Curtis Blaydes Walkout Song? (THAT Techno Beat)

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Curtis is one of the prime UFC fighters competing for title contention in the Heavyweight division of the UFC. But what’s his unique music choice that you hear during his walkout?

Curtis Blaydes’s walkout song is Mortal Kombat Theme Song by The Immortals. He’s used the same song for years, like versus Sergei Pavlovich at UFC Fight Night 222, plus for UFC Fight Night 208, UFC on ESPN 33, and UFC 266.

To learn more about the Curtis Blaydes walkout song choice, keep reading. It always gets me pumped up!

Mortal Kombat Theme Song by The Immortals

Blaydes’s song choice for his infamous UFC walkouts is to use the theme song from the 1995 movie “Mortal Kombat.”

The song also has an actual title, which is Techno Syndrome. But most just know it as the Mortal Kombat Theme Song as that was what it was released for.

It’s personally one of my favorite childhood movies of all time, and the theme song is one of my all-time faves, too.

In an interview with The MMA Hour back in 2018, Blaydes’ victory over Alistair Overeem at UFC 255 pulled him into the spotlight, where he was questioned about his goofy song choice:

“It just, it gets me going. And you know they (the UFC) have a lot of restrictions on [songs], especially rap music, so I was like ‘what’s the best song I could use just instrumental-wise?’

I mean, it’s not just instrumental, but it’s predominantly instrumental. And I thought about it. That was the one. It gets me going.”

Curtis Blaydes speaking to The MMA Hour in 2018

I can’t argue with that logic. It gets me pumped, too!

If you’re a manchild of the late 80s and early 90s era, then you probably understand the popularity behind the Mortal Kombat game and the nostalgic excitement that the Mortal Kombat Theme Song brings to you every time you hear it.

I’m in complete agreement with Blaydes’s song choice and reasoning. He gets me vibing to watch him fight every time he walks out, too!

Curtis has been using this theme song for a long time in the UFC, at least since 2018, though he first entered the UFC in 2016 when he lost to the great Francis Ngannou.

Fun fact: After his victory against Overeem in 2018, he called for his rematch with Ngannou but sadly lost once again to a TKO.

UFC Fight Night 222 (Vs. Sergei Pavlovich)

For his fight against the Russian hammer that is Sergei Pavlovich, Curtis walked out to the same Mortal Kombat Theme Song by The Immortals.

He unfortunately lost that fight as Sergei’s power punches proved too much once again.

UFC Fight Night 208 (Vs. Tom Aspinall)

For Curtis’ fight against Tom Aspinall for UFC Fight Night 208 in 2022, he walked out to the same Mortal Kombat Theme Song by The Immortals as he usually does.

Going into that fight, the upcoming Englishman Tom Aspinall was the clear favorite for his dominant performances in recent fights.

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But the stars were not aligned for Tom that night, as Curtis won the fight due to a TKO knee injury for Aspinall.

It seemed as if Tom’s leg was already weakened in the lead-up to this fight because it popped so easily to end this matchup in a way that we never like to see for the sport.

But this victory for Curtis continued his winning streak to 3 fights in a row.

UFC on ESPN 33 (Vs. Chris Daukaus)

When Blaydes’ fought Chris Daukaus at UFC on ESPN 33 in 2022, he walked out to the usual Mortal Kombat Theme Song by The Immortals.

The lights dimmed low, and the music came on with vibrant red flashing lights. Those techno beats fill the whole Columbus arena during his walk to the cage:

Curtis displayed some excellent skills in this fight that were too much for Chris Daukaus to handle, winning the fight quite easily with TKO punches early in the second round.

UFC 266 (Vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik)

Curtis Blaydes took on Jairzinho Rozenstruik in 2021 at the UFC 266 event, where he walked out to his regular Mortal Kombat Theme Song by The Immortals.

Curtis entered this fight coming off a knockout loss to Derrick Lewis, where he certainly needed to prove that he still had the talent and power to rock with the heavyweight weight class.

Both fighters are very technical fighters who use a lot of variety in their strikes to set up traps and punish.

But Curtis was one step ahead of Jairzinho for this one as he kept him at a distance with his lead jab, landing calf kicks and securing critical takedown and control time in the top position.

The fight went the full three rounds and to the judge’s scorecard, after which it was clear how Curtis Blaydes was the better man on the night to win by unanimous decision.

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