Why Do Wrestlers Chew Gum?

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Most popular wrestlers we know, like Shawn Michaels and Seth Rollins, often chew gum on camera, but why are they constantly chewing gum anyway?

Both WWE and competitive wrestlers chew gum. Chewing gum helps them in their weight management by lessening their calorie intake. Chewing gum also heightens their senses which leads to better performance.

Does chewing gum really help reduce weight? Is it only for looks? Keep reading and learn through this full breakdown. 

Why competitive wrestlers chew gum

Weight is significant in wrestling, and weight management can be very stressful and challenging. It demands a lot of time and effort from wrestlers and their teams.  

Aside from following a strict schedule for their workouts, they also must follow strict diets. That is why wrestlers find ways to make things a little easier, and one of them is chewing gum.

Chewing gum has many benefits, and competitive wrestlers take advantage of it. They chew gum in their training period because of its benefits in terms of weight management. 

Competitive wrestlers chew gum because it can lower calorie intake and burn calories. Chewing gum for 1 hour can burn up to 11 calories or more. 

It has been studied that chewing gum repeatedly reduces a person’s appetite. This affects their GLP-1 levels, which keeps them from being hungry for extended periods. 

Another benefit of chewing gum is increased metabolism.

Wrestlers aim for higher metabolism because it helps them reduce weight and boost their energy. 

Although it’s really common, the science behind chewing gum for weight loss is fairly flimsy. And even if it is correct, it won’t burn many calories.

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Why pro wrestlers chew gum

We often see wrestlers chew gum on camera while watching our favorite pro wrestling programs such as WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling. Pro wrestlers primarily chew gum to look cooler. 

They also chew gum to prevent dehydration, deal with nerves, and provide more energy. We often see wrestlers chew gum on camera while watching our favorite pro wrestling programs such as WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling.

As we all know, aside from their wrestling abilities, their personas and characters make them exciting and fun to watch. 

They chew gum to present a tougher and more “badass” image.

Some wrestlers use the gum for visual effects during a spot like they lost a tooth or just to make the impact seem more brutal. 

Aside from making them look cooler, chewing gum has actual benefits for pro wrestlers.

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Jim Cornette, a commentator for various wrestling promotions, mentioned that chewing gum may have helped wrestlers to calm their nerves. 

Wrestlers chew gum to feel more relaxed, so they can perform their moves better and remember planned spots and sequences. They also help when wrestlers are cutting a promo.

Chewing gum also gives wrestlers a temporary energy boost because of its sugar content. Sugar intake helps our body build up energy.

Lastly, gum prevents dry mouth. Wrestling can be very tiring, especially if it is a long match.

Wrestlers tend to chew gum because it helps them produce more saliva. This will keep wrestlers from being thirsty for a little longer and survive the match without needing water immediately. 

Does chewing gum improve performance?

A piece of pink chewed up gum

Chewing gum definitely impacts athletes’ performances which is why athletes from different sports use it. Chewing gum increases brain activity, enhancing your other bodily functions. It presents various benefits, such as losing weight, improved reaction time, and relaxation. 

Gum helps wrestlers lose weight safely and helps them manage their hunger and burn more calories. 

Just like custom mouthguards, gum also can improve an athlete’s performance. 

First, it improves brain activity. The manner of chewing gum increases the flow of blood up to the brain and improves heart rate and blood pressure. 

It also improves reaction time by stimulating the brain’s frontal lobe, which affects a wrestler’s reflexes and physical movements.

Reaction time is vital in wrestling because it allows them to predict or counter. 

Another benefit of chewing gum is lessened athlete’s nerves. Concentrating during a match is crucial because it allows them to perform their moves better.

Notable wrestlers who chew gum

Here are the most popular professional wrestlers that chew gum:

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is regarded as one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time.

His legendary performances have earned him multiple nicknames such as “Heartbreak Kid,” “The Showstopper,” and “Mr. Wrestlemania.”

Shawn was constantly chewing gum as a part of his persona, especially during his run in the 1990s.

Triple H

Triple H is one of the biggest names in WWE as he wrestled for several decades and now runs the company.

Like his partner in “D-Generation X,” Shawn Michaels, the King of Kings Triple H, also chews gum to look more badass in addition to his persona. 

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins came into prominence as a member of the notorious group Shield. Since then, Seth has captured the attention of the WWE universe with his iconic signature move, “The Curb Stomp” and his run as the Monday Night Messiah in Raw. 

In addition to his charismatic role, Seth can be seen chewing gum almost every time he cuts a promo and even during his matches.

Roddy Piper

Due to his incredible talent with the mic, the late Rowdy Roddy Piper is one of the most iconic heels or villains in the WWE or WWF. 

Rowdy was very good at cutting promos. He can sometimes be seen chewing gum while chewing his opponents out with his brilliant and creative trash talks.

His role in the movie They Live is responsible for the iconic line, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.” 

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