What Do Wrestlers Wear Under Their Singlets?

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If you’ve been watching Wrestling matches, then you’ll know too well that it doesn’t leave anywhere near enough to the imagination. Wrestlers wear skin-tight singlets that are tight enough to make your eyes water.

Considering that Wrestlers throw each other around and often reach right in between their thighs, it doesn’t exactly look comfortable for their jewels.

So what do wrestlers wear under their singlets?

Wrestlers usually wear a jockstrap under their singlets to prevent their groin squashing during rigorous movements and throws. Some Wrestlers choose to wear just compression shorts, or nothing at all, under their singlet for complete freedom of movement.

Keep reading to learn more about the options available to Wrestlers under their singlets.

Wearing A Jockstrap Under A Singlet

A mens green jockstrap

It’s common for jockstraps to be worn under Wrestling singlets because they enable the wearer to have good freedom of movement while keeping a man’s bits and pieces together in one neat pouch. A jockstrap allows for a protective cup to be placed in it if desired.

Many Wrestling coaches will recommend the team members to wear a jockstrap because of the versatility of either keeping the bits together in one package or adding in extra protection as needed.

Some coaches even believe that wearing a jockstrap enables a Wrestler to perform better because it increases testosterone. This fuels muscles to become more robust and efficient and elevates adrenaline around the body.

Jockstraps first came around in 1874 as a solution for cyclists to move their packages up and away from the bicycle seat to reduce friction and discomfort. But nowadays, they are more often used for combat sports.

This lifting up and away from the body has even been reported to reduce a tiny amount of the temperature in a man’s testicles. It changes the temperature enough to allow more sperm cells to produce, apparently resulting in higher sperm count and reducing infertility. I haven’t been able to find verifiable sources for these claims, but they are interesting to consider.

Jockstraps were once a standard sporting tool for Wrestling. But nowadays, most Wrestlers choose not to wear them out of embarrassment. Instead, they’ll choose one of the other options below.

Wearing A Cup Under A Singlet

Athletic cup for wrestlers

Fighters in different combat sports can sometimes wear a protective cup, Wrestling being one of them. A protective cup can be placed inside the jockstrap pouch, worn with compression shorts, or even under the singlet alone.

While a protective cup can help protect its wearer from sudden strikes directly to the groin area, it can be more dangerous to use them in Wrestling alone.

The attire of a singlet is relatively thin, and Wrestling can involve grabbing opponents in between their thighs to keep control or pick them up and throw them, among many other groin-concerning movements.

Because it can be so unpredictable, wearing a cup is often a definite no for competitive Wrestlers. The cup could easily get dislodged from its ideal placement, and if the Wrestler is grabbed or thrown in an unfortunate way, the cup could cause more harm to the area it’s supposed to protect.


Wearing Compression Shorts Under A Singlet

Compression shorts for men

Many Wrestlers will choose to wear compression shorts underneath their singlets in modern times. In some Wrestling competitions, compression shorts can even be a requirement because singlets can be nearly torn off and reveal a man’s parts to a public audience.

Compression shorts are an excellent option to continue allowing free movement during Wrestling with the added safety in mind that if your singlet gets torn, you have another layer to protect your pride.

But that’s not the only reason to use compression shorts, as they can offer various health and performance benefits.

Compression shorts help increase blood flow and oxygen to the area Wrestlers need most. Wrestlers use their glutes, thighs, and hip muscles constantly to throw their opponents or push them off of them.

Wearing compression shorts in Wrestling can also help the muscles fatigue less, provide a lower chance of strain or injury, and reduce muscle soreness after Wrestling.

The final benefit of wearing compression shorts under a singlet is that they do a decent job keeping a man’s bits in a neat package. Some added packaging keeps things secure and less likely to get caught.

Wearing Nothing Under A Singlet

Wrestler wearing a singlet only

Plenty of Wrestlers choose to wear nothing at all under their singlet. Having the maximum movement ability for these kinds of competition is the most important thing.

Some Wrestlers aren’t concerned with what people think or how much they can see, either, and are proud to show every bit of themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, some competitions could have specific rules that change the allowances on sports attire. Some organizations may force a competitor to wear something under their singlet, so that bare skin doesn’t appear so quickly.

Wrestlers often fight with incredible ferocity, pulling and throwing each other around the mat, so it’s not uncommon for singlets to get torn. When a competition is presented in front of a crowd or perhaps the entire nation, nudity becomes a bit of a problem.

What Else Wrestlers Are Wearing

Pair of blue wrestling shoes

During a Wrestling match, competitors are required to wear Wrestling shoes. These shoes are similar to the ones in Boxing, as they are made of thin and light materials, so they don’t interfere with the movement of their wearer and only provide grip on the soles and support for the ankles.

Wrestling shoes are very thin at the sole so they aren’t going to add any additional benefit to shorter wrestlers, they’re designed to only add grip to the wrestling experience.

Wrestlers can also choose to wear headgear or ear guards during their matchups, but it isn’t a requirement and is usually optional to the desire of each competitor.

Headgear and ear guards can help fighters reduce cauliflower ear, a pervasive issue for Wrestlers and even UFC fighters.

Now you should know what do wrestlers wear under their singlets and be ready to choose the best option for your wrestling career, or I’ve at least answered a question you had.

Wrestling is a hugely rewarding combat sport and martial art that many fighters use to become the very best across their MMA careers. Some of the greatest of all time in MMA have very heavy Wrestling backgrounds and were no doubt, at some point, struggling with what to put under their singlet!

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