Century Wavemaster XXL Vs 2XL Pro (Compared!)

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Century leads the way in freestanding punching bags, with not just the Wavemasters but also the infamous Bob XL. With that, they have a really big range to pick from so it can be difficult to decide.

Particularly in the Wavemaster collection, where there are over a dozen different kinds to choose from. The two of constant comparison are the Wavemaster XXL and the Wavemaster 2XL Pro.

In this article, I’m going to compare the Wavemaster XXL vs 2XL Pro, so you can decide for yourself which is right for you (and most importantly, whether the 2XL Pro is worth a few extra bucks).

Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro

★★★★★ 5/5

Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro
The Wavemaster XXL’s slightly bigger brother with enhanced safety features.

Features 67″ height, more padding than the XXL, tapered base to prevent tipping over, and a unique bag-to-base locking nut.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick comparison:

Although Century’s Wavemaster XXL and the 2XL Pro are very similar, the 2XL has additional padding and a slightly larger striking area in the punching bag which may be more comfortable for long training sessions. The 2XL also has an improved locking nut to stop it from unscrewing by accident.

If you want to understand the details, then keep reading for a full review of the differences.

Wavemaster XXL Vs 2XL Pro: Features Comparison

★★★★☆ 4/5

Century Wavemaster XXL

✔ 69″ total height
✔ 52″ bag height
✔ Base fillable with sand or water
✔ Slightly cheaper than the 2XL Pro

Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro

★★★★★ 5/5

Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro

✔ 67″ total height
✔ 52″ bag height
✔ Base fillable with sand or water
✔ More padding than the XXL
✔ Tapered base to prevent tipping over
✔ Locking nut securing the bag to base for less accidental unscrewing from hits

The key thing you need to know is that the XXL and the 2XL Pro are extremely similar models. Granted, Century has made some minor improvements to the 2XL Pro above the XXL, which may sway it for some people.

That being said, the XXL still leads the way in popularity over its predecessor, the Wavemaster Original, and even the 2XL Pro by offering the biggest height range of striking potential. The Wavemaster XXL has a total height of 69 inches, which is an extra two inches above the 2XL Pro (at 67 inches).

The Wavemaster XXL bag’s extra height comes from its base, though. So you’re not necessarily getting any extra bag material, because both XXL and 2XL Pro are the same 18 inches in diameter, and 52 inches tall. But maybe you’re a super tall person, and an extra two inches is enough for you to go with the XXL because your body kicks convert to more like head kicks.

At the end of the day, the height difference is really just sticks and stones.

Century Wavemaster XXL

★★★★☆ 4/5

Century Wavemaster XXL
The enlarged version from the original Wavemaster, offering a larger striking area.

Features a 69″ height and is usually slightly cheaper than its 2XL bigger brother.

Freestanding Base

The first key difference and improvement on the 2XL Pro are that it has a tapered base. This means its base is slightly larger at the bottom, where it meets the floor, and tapers slightly inward to become less wide at the top of the base.

The tapered base helps focus the center of gravity of the entire freestanding bag, and it gives that extra 10% of resistance against being tipped over from your crazy flying spinning heel kicks.

If you just generally pack a big punch, as well, it could get really irritating for you to have to constantly keep picking up your bag to restart your workout. If you hit like Captain America, you might just want to consider a heavy bag anyway.

Locking Nut

The second key difference (which helps some more with big hitters) is that the 2XL Pro has a locking nut that keeps the bag fixed to the base. Sometimes the Original or XXL Wavemaster’s can unscrew from their base with a lot of repetitive hitting and it has a chance to just fall off the base.

Like with potentially hitting over the freestanding bag too often, the bag falling off the base itself is probably not much fun for your training. But again, it’s likely only to affect a small number of people who train very hard or practice a lot of repetitive hits in one direction.

The traditional Wavemaster bags are designed to be easy to remove from the base if you need to, but there lies the problem at times.

Extra Padding

The third key difference is that the Wavemaster 2XL Pro is designed with extra padding above all the other kinds of Wavemaster bags. This again could be better for heavy hitters or those that train with high intensity.

A common issue with a traditional heavy bag is they can really wear on your knuckles and wrists unless you are practicing perfect form with every hit. The harder you can hit, the more potential there is for things to go wrong.

It’s good conditioning, don’t get me wrong! But if you just want to get in a great workout then the extra padding on the 2XL Pro could help you do that more safely.

Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro

★★★★★ 5/5

Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro
The Wavemaster XXL’s slightly bigger brother with enhanced safety features.

Features 67″ height, more padding than the XXL, tapered base to prevent tipping over, and a unique bag-to-base locking nut.

Heavy bags change their consistency from repetitive hits, but a Wavemaster freestanding bag is so durable that for most people they stay exactly the same, no matter where or how hard you hit them, for a long period of time (they even have a 1-year warranty, which is pretty good).

A Wavemaster 2XL Pro goes one further with even more padding than any other model they make, so you know you’re getting the maximum cushioning for punches, kicks, knees, and elbows across the entire bag.

Final Choice

If you’ve had a Wavemaster of any kind before, then you likely already know if the bag tipping over or unscrewing accidentally is an issue in your training, because almost every other model has the same setup of the base.

If it is an issue, then that’s when you might want to consider the Wavemaster 2XL Pro. It has the little extra improvements that may make the difference; the tapered base, the locking nut, and the extra padding all add up for an improved experience.

You just need to ask yourself: are those extra features worth the higher price?

Overall either the Wavemaster XXL or the Wavemaster 2XL Pro is a decent choice for a freestanding bag option. Aside from those, you could consider the human-form freestanding bag: the Bob XL.

Common Questions about the Wavemasters

Below I’ve outlined some common questions and problems with these Wavemasters that should help you overcome any more doubts you might have.

Is Wavemaster a good workout?

A Wavemaster freestanding punching bag can offer a good workout for all kinds of fighters and martial arts. The key to getting a good workout on a Wavemaster is having a structured program or guided combinations. A Wavemaster is like any other bag, it depends on how you use it.

Many kinds of different martial artists have achieved great workouts from using a Wavemaster, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and even Taekwondo and Kenpo Karate.

Having a freestanding bag might not necessarily improve or change your workouts a great deal, but the options it gives to have a freestanding bag anywhere you need it is hugely useful in small apartments, garages, or even outside in the middle of the garden where a hanging heavy bag can’t be set up.

How do you tighten a Wavemaster XXL?

To best tighten a Wavemaster XXL, lay it on its side after screwing in. Then place a long screwdriver into the hole at the bottom of the base, hold the base steady whilst turning the center until you hear it click 1-2 times into place for maximum tightness.

How much sand do I need for the Wavemaster XXL?

To fill up a Wavemaster XXL with sand, you’ll need four sandbags of 60 lb in weight, for a total of 240 lbs of sand. The Wavemaster XXL and 2XL Pro both weigh a total of 270 lbs when filled with sand and help stop it from falling over.

How many gallons is a Wavemaster XXL?

The Wavemaster XXL can be filled with between 28-29 gallons of water until full. The total weight of the Wavemaster once full will reach 270 lbs (or approximately 32 gallons).

How do you assemble a Wavemaster 2XL Pro?

To assemble the Wavemaster 2XL Pro, first, screw the bag into the base with your hands. Then lay it on its side and hold in place whilst placing a screwdriver into the hole in the center of the base and turn it until you hear it click 1-2 times.

Here’s a great tutorial showing you how to do it:

With those clicks, you’re tightening up your Wavemaster 2XL Pro as far as it can go for the best result.

How do you empty a Wavemaster?

If the Wavemaster is filled with water, you can open the filling hole and tip it onto its side to empty it. If you filled it with sand, you can also tip it over but you might need to roll or shake it around to dislodge the sand.

So there you have it, that’s our comparison of the Wavemaster XXL vs 2XL Pro. Hopefully, by now, you should have decided which is right for you and you’ll be smackin’ that bag all over the shop soon!

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