How Much Are Boxing Classes? (USA Data Averages)

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If you’re wondering how much boxing classes cost on average, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve collected together data from boxing gyms across the United States to determine the averages.

How much are boxing classes?

The average cost of a single boxing class is $21.42 whereas a monthly boxing gym membership costs $132.43.

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Cost of boxing classes per state

Of all boxing gyms across the states, those on the East Coast are typically reaching a higher monthly membership fee.

The highest monthly membership costs for a boxing gym belong to the states of Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, and New York.

The lowest-priced states for a monthly membership are Nebraska, Wyoming, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

Single boxing classes cost for beginners

Beginner boxing classes at a local gym are often free as most gyms provide a free trial class, sometimes even a whole week for newcomers.

Otherwise, boxing classes usually cost the same for beginners as they do for intermediates since most group boxing classes combine every proficiency level.

From my research, the cost of a single boxing class or day pass is, on average, $21.42 and the median (most common price) is $25.

There are some boxing gyms, though, that will have separate pricing for open gym plus sparring.

This is tailored more towards advanced boxers who don't need as much instruction but want to hone their skills.

Boxing classes cost per month

After collecting boxing gym prices from every state in the USA—memberships are, on average, $132.43 per month.

The median (most common) cost of a boxing gym's monthly membership is $125 per month.

Nebraska has the cheapest monthly gym membership I found at Victory Boxing Club which was $25 per month.

The most expensive state I found was Alabama, with the monthly price at Rocket City Rocks Boxing Gym being $280 per month.

You can expect your local boxing gym to cost around the $100 mark for unlimited monthly memberships.

Pricing factors for boxing gyms

While every boxing gym has a slightly different approach to how they set up their memberships, there are commonalities that you should be aware of when making a choice.

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Equipment training costs

Boxer wearing headguard in boxing ring

Most specialist boxing gyms won't offer you any equipment, and you'll need to buy your own to get started.

Here's a list of boxing equipment and a typical price range to expect:

GearAverage CostPriority
Boxing Gloves$80-150Necessary
Hand Wraps$10-20Necessary
Boxing Shoes$100-150Depends on gym
Groin Guard$50-80Sparring

Open gym access

Some memberships for boxing gyms are priced for open gym only.

This essentially means that you can enter the gym at any time and use the facilities which might include boxing bags, pads to use with a partner, and the boxing ring.

But an open gym membership wouldn't have access to regular classes, coaching, sparring sessions, or strength & conditioning areas.

Weight training area

Many boxing gyms are also regular fitness gyms built into one, largely due to the popularity of "box fit" and the large interest in using boxing as a weight loss strategy.

That means they could have access to weight training facilities like squat racks, dumbells, bench presses, treadmills, and more.

It's not always the case, though, so make sure you know whether the price you're paying includes this or not if you need it.

Several martial arts access

As boxing is considered a martial art, plenty of gyms are also offering mixed martial arts classes or specialist martial arts like Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The price to access your gym could rise exponentially when there are multiple disciplines all under one roof.

Keep it in mind if you just want a boxing gym, it's often much cheaper to find a specialist gym rather than one that offers more.

Boxing gym costs data

I collected the pricing from (one of) the top boxing gyms in each American state, access my research here:

Boxing gym data methodology

To get my average, I added together all of the prices (both single class/day pass and monthly) and divided by how many there are.

The median was also calculated on which is the most common pricing found for a single class/day pass or a monthly option.

Gyms often have different inclusions and exclusions in their single classes, day passes, as well as monthly memberships.

The single class and day pass rates found were combined into one price since most gym visitors are visiting for one class even with a day pass.

For monthly memberships, I pulled the rates which are unlimited and pay-per-month where they don't require any long-term commitment.

Some of the gyms have higher costs in their first month where they also include a joining fee. In those cases, the first-month rate was taken for the data even though their typical monthly rate thereafter is often cheaper.

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