Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves Review: 3D-Printed Tech Worth It?

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As a martial arts enthusiast and gear reviewer, I’m excited to share my thoughts on the Hayabusa T3D boxing gloves.

Hayabusa has introduced a game-changer with the T3D model, touted as the world’s first 3D-printed boxing glove, it piqued my curiosity.

About the author: Joe, an experienced martial artist, specializes in striking arts Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Seriously passionate about testing out the latest technology in fight training gear to protect your money-makers.

Joe Bloom MMA Hive Author

Hayabusa has always been a brand I trust for quality and performance, especially with their T3 line setting high wrist stability and comfort standards.

So, let’s dive into what makes the T3D stand out and whether it lives up to the hype in the demanding world of combat sports.

Note: Hayabusa kindly sent us a pair of T3D gloves for this review, but the opinions here are entirely our own and we were not paid to say nice things in any way. Learn more About Us to understand our ethos as an independent publisher.

Key takeaways

Hayabusa T3D boxing gloves crossed over on table
  • This 3D-printed cushioning significantly improves impact absorption in my testing, barely feeling knuckle pressure with most punches.
  • Easy to feel very confident using this glove for long and heavy sessions on the bag or in sparring as the padding barely wares down at all.
  • It feels incredibly lightweight, like an extension of your arm, rather than holding up a couple of weights like some gloves due to wrist-weighted balance.
  • The wrist is stable and supported even for smaller wrists like mine, dual-strapping makes it easy to get a reliable fit.
  • Hands continue to feel relatively cool even when the sessions get heavy and sweaty.
  • Versatile for most striking martial arts, like boxing, kickboxing/Muay Thai, or MMA stand-up.
  • A strong upgrade on the already-great T3 with even better fitting—though overly snug for some people—and shock absorption.
  • Probably isn’t an ideal choice for sparring since the external design choice—that attempts to highlight the inner-lattice tech—could easily snag the skin of your opponent.
  • It’s best suited for intermediate/advanced fighters-in-training considering the high price point, but you’re getting next-level support.

Hayabusa T3D review

Hayabusa T3D boxing gloves 360 animation view

In this review, I’ll delve deep into the features, comfort, and performance of the Hayabusa T3D gloves, examining how they stack up for regular use.

My first impressions

When I first got my hands on the T3D gloves, I filmed a first impressions video that you can watch here on YouTube:

Glove specs

First, let’s cover the ‘tech specs’ of the T3D gloves from the manufacturer, Hayabusa:

  • 3D-Printed Lattice Cushioning: Utilizes cutting-edge resin printing technology for advanced impact absorption.
  • Elastomeric Resin Material: Offers longevity far surpassing traditional layered foams.
  • Zonal Cushioning: Precisely tuned for optimal comfort, softening impacts effectively.
  • Dual-X Interlocking Wrist Straps: Ensures a snug, precise fit, enhancing wrist support.
  • Splinted Wrist Support: The patented design aligns the wrist perfectly, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Temperature-Regulating Lining: Keeps hands cool and comfortable during intense training.
  • Vylar Engineered Leather: Provides a virtually indestructible exterior, ensuring resilience and durability.
  • Ergonomic Design: Features an ergonomic thumb position and attached thumb for safety.
  • Additional Features: Includes a perforated palm and grip bar for better ventilation and grip.
  • Size and Use Recommendations: Available in weights from 10-18oz, 10-12oz ideal for bag and pad work, and 14-18oz recommended for partner drills and sparring.

Look and style

The first thing that catches your eye about the Hayabusa T3D boxing gloves is the distinct futuristic look.

Hayabusa T3D gloves on outdoor table

I got my hands on the Cobalt Blue variant in a 12 oz size, and it is gorgeous.

The deep, rich blue is elegant and unique enough from a traditional glove design, with black strips covering the thumb and detailing that gives a ‘cyberpunk‘ feeling to the style.

Hayabusa has always had a flair for style, but with the T3D, they’ve taken it to a new level as they’ve added design features like the mesh window that reveals the 3D-printed lattice inner construction.

T3D gloves backhand closeup

Initially, this gave me some doubts as to whether this glove was created as a statement piece rather than to advance fight gear tech in a better direction. But I was surprised by the level of functionality, more on that later.

There is a big concern for these gloves in sparring because of the mesh window feature on the backhand, as the extra rubber could easily catch the skin of a sparring opponent.

Closeup of mesh window showing lattice inside T3D glove

I’ve mostly used my gloves for mitts or the bag, and I’d be careful about using them in sparring because of this flaw.

There are four colorways to choose from, including the cobalt blue I chose, an all-black, red, and off-white along with size variants from 10 oz to 18 oz.

Each one has a clean and sharp look that offers something suitable for men or women of almost any size.

Glove features

The Hayabusa T3D gloves are advancing glove tech that sets them apart from their predecessor, the Hayabusa T3, and other boxing gloves in the market.

First and foremost, the material of the T3D gloves is one of the specialties as they use a Vylar-engineered leather that is insanely durable even as a synthetic material, and strikes me that the glove is a smart choice for regular heavy bag sessions.

T3D gloves both backhands laid flat

The next and primary feature of this particular glove is the 3D-printed lattice cushioning, which essentially is how the glove is manufactured using 3D printing in replacement of the usual foam padding.

Cushioned knuckles of the T3D glove

It’s probably the most significant impact absorption in a glove I’ve ever used, but more on that later.

You’ll also find the Dual-X interlocking wrist strapping which is a unique feature of Hayabusa gloves, present in both the T3 and T3D models.

T3D gloves dual-X strapping closeup

Adding to that is the fusion splinting that essentially creates extra spines to stabilize the wrist into the back of the hand—significantly reducing injuries.

T3D gloves features detail closeup

Underneath the palm is a grip bar that is easy to feel and tighten to get a near-perfectly flush-tightened fist.

T3D gloves grip bar closeup

The ergonomic thumb pocket also helps there to be able to tighten the fist naturally.

T3D gloves side angle strapped showing thumb pocket

There’s also comfortable lining and padding for the hand compartment, with enough air holes to help keep your hands cool for most sessions.

Closeup of T3D palm air holes

Fit and comfort

The moment I slipped my hands into my 12 oz Cobalt Blue gloves, the feeling of comfort was noticeable.

Strapping on the Hayabusa T3D

The gloves snugly encase the hands, providing a secure feeling without being overly tight, speaking as someone with fairly smaller hands and wrists.

I’m used to fresh boxing gloves feeling too spacious inside and needing hand wraps immediately to feel right, but these are cuddling up to my skin before I add anything extra.

The Dual-X wrist straps are very useful for getting the exact fit you want and are going to be suitable for most hand/wrist sizes.

Wearing T3D gloves and strapping up

But I say that with a warning that as they felt snug for my small hands and wrists, I’d be concerned they wouldn’t be a good choice for bigger fighters.

Luckily, though, you can get them up to an 18 oz size where it’s likely for the materials to be adapted to cover a larger hand and wrist.

The grip bar and thumb compartment are positioned well so that it feels easy to make a tight fist which makes it far easier to have an optimized punch both in form and safety concerns.

Side view of strapped up T3D gloves

My hands always felt cool during training. Add to that the weight being unnoticeable allowed me to feel comfortable wearing these gloves for long sessions.

Padding and support

The padding and support of the Hayabusa T3D gloves are where they excel and are definitively the top reason to consider buying them.

It’s become clear to me that the 3D-printed lattice inside is more than a gimmick to sell gloves, but an actual considerable advancement of shock-absorbing tech.

When hitting the mitts or a heavy bag, the gloves absorb and dissipate the impact remarkably well. So much so, you rarely feel it on your knuckles.

Every punch feels like there is an active force distribution, which may be down to how the cells work inside the lattice.

At the point of contact, the force from the punch passes through the first cells and any extra force is then passed onto the next, and the next, and so on.

Each time it moves from one layer to the next, the force is reduced by some considerable amount, ending up in a feeling of completely dissipated force.

Instead of the shock moving through to the wrist and forearm for it to get absorbed, the glove takes care of most of it and you never feel the impact.

This is going to have a massive downstream effect of fewer injuries, which I think makes the gloves worth their weight in gold.

If you’ve had hand or wrist injuries before then you’ll know how hard it can be to get the right support you need, but the T3Ds are certainly high up the list on lessening any further damage of that exact problem.

But there could be some negative side effects to this feature, as feeling the shots you throw can help to better understand the force you are generating at different punching angles to become a better boxer or fighter.

With the T3D’s, you almost don’t feel the connection with your target and that can take some getting used to.

I think that these features make the gloves an obvious choice for boxing primarily on a heavy bag for long and hefty sessions.

This is often where we train our biggest shots, often creating the potential for hurting ourselves. The T3D glove will give significant protection for it.


Durability is, of course, an important factor in making sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Gloves at this kind of premium price tag need to last a long time.

I’ve been using the gloves for a few months, and so far their durability is stellar.

But a few months isn’t a long time to get the most accurate understanding of how the gloves will last, so I’ll continue updating this review as I get more use with the gloves.

What I do know is that the outer leather of a glove is the most important part of ensuring durability, and the Vylar-engineered synthetic leather Hayabusa uses for these gloves is some of the most durable materials on the market.

It’s shiny, and colorful and resists scuffs, cracking, or color fading, unlike gloves of most other brands. You’re certainly getting reliable quality that lasts for the price.

The only slight downside is since the glove has multiple detailing parts on the back of the hand, there are noticeable threads and stitching that opens up the potential for fraying over time.

So far, the gloves are holding up well but it’s only a matter of time before the fraying will worsen in my opinion.

As far as the inner lattice padding goes, there has been no sign of padding or impact absorption worsening after use.

The gloves are noticeably tight and firm when you first start using them and they’ll take many months to break in. That’s a great feature for the lifespan of the glove but not so much for overall comfort.

Similarly, the wrist straps retain their elasticity and are also secure firmly without issue like they did when I first unboxed them.

T3D dual strapping open

Final verdict on the T3D

Aerial backhand view of both T3D gloves

After extensive testing and analysis, my final verdict on the Hayabusa T3D boxing gloves is overwhelmingly positive, with a few necessary question marks.

The good

  1. The 3D-printed lattice cushioning is a game-changer. It offers superior impact absorption, making these gloves ideal for heavy hitters and those with previous hand injuries.
  2. The Dual-X interlocking wrist straps provide excellent stability and support, useful for both beginners and seasoned fighters.
  3. The Vylar-engineered leather is remarkably durable, handling regular mitts or bag use easily.
  4. The ergonomic positioning, lining, and airflow offer comfortable wearing for long training sessions.
  5. They look great and have a snug fit which is great for smaller hands.

The not-so-good

  1. The T3D gloves are a hefty investment. The premium price tag could make them unapproachable for most novice fighters.
  2. They are particularly stiff out of the box, requiring several months of regular use to break them in.
  3. The external design features, particularly the exposed 3D lattice mesh window raise concerns for sparring use.

Do I recommend them?

Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves

A world's first: the 3D-printed boxing glove that makes every heavy punch feel like air.

  • Next-level impact absorption with 3D printed construction
  • Extremely durable Vylar material
  • Supports wrist like no other glove
  • Stabilizies hand position for perfect form
  • Comfortable and cool with heavy use
  • Unique futuristic design
  • Available in Blue, Red, Black, White
  • Available in sizes 10-18 oz
  • Can be too snug for some
  • Takes a long time to break-in
  • Design features cause problems for sparring
  • Very expensive
Buy On Hayabusa

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Hayabusa T3D gloves for both boxers, especially those with smaller hands/wrists who aren’t planning to use them for sparring.

The stiffness of these gloves, when they’re fresh out of the box, takes some getting used to and a long time to break in, so the palm is less likely to open up for catching kicks or parrying that a kickboxer or MMA fighter might need straight away.

If you can afford the price tag and/or want the absolute top-level of impact absorption and safety for your money-makers then these should be high up on your list.

They’re a good pick for those smaller hands/wrists which includes the men at the smaller weight brackets and also women.

But since they seem like a poor choice for sparring, you’ll want to look at the 10-14 oz sizes to pick out your best option for focusing on mitts work and the heavy bag.

Research for this review

This review was put together from rigorous hands-on testing and additional research.

Why trust our review

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Our team comprises seasoned experts in mixed martial arts and fight gear, bringing years of experience and a deep understanding of what fighters truly need.

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About Hayabusa

Hayabusa stands as a renowned name in the world of combat sports gear, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and performance.

They have consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in fight gear, offering new technologies for the safety of fighters.

Hayabusa has formed a reputation for creating products that are durable and reliable and incorporate features most other brands lack, putting fighter’s needs first.

Comparing to the T3

The T3D boxing glove represents a step forward from the already impressive Hayabusa T3.

While the T3 set a high standard in wrist support and impact resistance, the T3D takes those features to the next level.

The introduction of the 3D-printed lattice cushioning is a significant upgrade, offering unparalleled impact absorption which protects the rest of the hand, wrist, and even forearm.

The T3 continues to offer a price-sensitive synthetic glove option for those who need it, but the T3D attempts to elevate glove tech to a new baseline and almost completely hits the target.

We reviewed the Hayabusa Marvel boxing gloves that are essentially the T3 if you would like to get a comparison.

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