Dustin Poirier’s Creole Maple Hot Sauce For UFC 281

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Just when you thought that UFC 281 couldn’t get any more heated with Alex Pereira getting a shot at the Middleweight title against reigning champ Israel Adesanya.

9th Nov Update: The UFC just announced an exclusive partnership with Dustin Poirier’s Louisiana Hot Sauces to become the official Official Hot Sauce Of The UFC on a multi-year deal.

Dustin Poirier, ahead of his Lightweight bout against ex-Bellator champ Michael Chandler, has announced a new addition to his Louisana Style hot sauces in cooperation with Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co.

Keep reading to learn about the all-new Dustin Poirier Creole Maple Hot Sauce! You can also buy it right now using the button below.

Dustin Poirier’s Louisiana Style Creole Maple Hot Sauce

Dustin Poirier holding Louisiana Style hot sauce
Image rights belong to Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. Used with permission.

Dustin Poirier’s new hot sauce is the Creole Maple flavor. This new sauce fits right between the Original and K.O. hot sauces that Dustin launched in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

The Creole Maple edition sits comfortably between previously introduced sauces with a medium heat level that combines the savory character of the heated Creole seasoning and the sweetness from a generous addition of Ontario maple syrup.

This third addition brings Poirier’s hot sauce collection to a delicious trifecta, suiting the taste buds of any heat hellraiser.

Heartbeat Dustin Poirier Creole Maple hot sauce bottle
Image rights belong to Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. Used with permission.

Creole Maple brings together inspiration from both sides of the partnership between Louisiana, in the Creole seasoning, and Ontario, in the Maple syrup, as the co-founder of Heartbeat Hot Sauce puts it:

“We are excited to offer a truly innovative flavor that brings together ingredients that represent both sides of this partnership, Louisiana and Ontario, It’s our mission to help people experiment with their recipes and make home-cooked meals more exciting, and working in partnership with Dustin, Dulcedo and Heatonist has been a fun way to test new creations.”

Al Bourbouhakis, co-founder of Heartbeat Hot Sauce

While Dustin Poirier is one of the most well-known mixed martial artists on the planet, his passions extend to using his diamond hands for more than a cage fight, and he loves getting handy in the kitchen.

With a longstanding passion for cooking, Dustin has perfectly fit together a joy for unique flavors and the heat of the fight into this project, learning a lot along the way:

“I have always been passionate about cooking and I am so thankful that this partnership with Heartbeat developed because it has allowed me to learn more in a hands-on way from two experts in the field”

Dustin Poirier

After sharing his creations with hot sauce lovers and fight fans across the world, Dustin and his partners discovered a strong desire to get the right balance of sweetness and heat for middle-of-the-line tastes:

“By going sweet and savory with this new flavor, the Poirier Louisiana Style trio set now offers a versatile hot sauce for everyone’s tastes.”

Dustin Poirier

Where to get Dustin Poirier’s Louisiana Style Creole Maple Hot Sauce

Heartbeat Dustin Poirier Creole Maple hot sauce 3 pack
Image rights belong to Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. Used with permission.

The all-new Poirier’s Louisiana Style Creole Maple is available for purchase on HeartbeatHotSauce.com from November 7th, 2022.


Original flavors and more hot sauces can also be purchased through Amazon.

Dustin’s hot sauces come in a 6oz bottle. The new Creole Maple can be bought in a single bottle or as part of the full Louisiana Style Trio in a pack of 3.

What are all of Dustin Poirier’s hot sauces called?

Since 2020, Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier has released three hot sauces in partnership with Heartbeat Hot Sauce:

  • Dustin Poirier’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce launched in 2020
  • Dustin Poirier’s Louisiana Style K.O. Edition launched in 2021
  • Dustin Poirier’s Louisiana Style Creole Maple launched in 2022

The partnership began in 2019 when Heartbeat Hot Sauce, Dulcedo, Heatonist, and Dustin Poirier came together to develop a fresh taste of a classic Louisiana hot sauce.

The intention was to pay tribute to Dustin’s home roots and his own passion for cooking.

Developed and taste-tested over several months, they released their first partnership sauce, the Louisiana Style Hot Sauce, in December 2020.

Who is Heartbeat Hot Sauce?

Heartbeat Dustin Poirier's trio hot sauce collection
Image rights belong to Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. Used with permission.

Heartbeat Hot Sauce is a Canadian sauce house in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They pride themselves on delivering high-quality hot sauces using locally sourced ingredients.

The company was founded by the husband and wife duo Al Bourbouhakis and Nancy Shaw. The pair began tinkering with hot sauce creations at Nancy’s restaurant and soon realized they had a winning formula for tasty recipes.

Soon, they began bottling their signature hot sauces for retailers. Now, Heartbeat distributes squeezy bottles of their hot sauces all over the globe, which are loved by many.

The Heartbeat Hot Sauce selection has even appeared on the popular YouTube show Hot Ones. It’s the “show with hot questions and even hotter wings” where celebrities take on an increasingly spicier chicken wing during an interview with host Sean Evans.

Not only does Heartbeat offer Dustin Poirier’s selection of Louisiana-inspired hot sauce, but many other flavors, including Pineapple Habanero, Jalapeno, Scorpion, and many more.

Discover even more flavors and heats through the full selection on HeartbeatHotSauce.com

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