9 Best MMA Gyms In Bali, Indonesia (BaliMMA, SOMA)

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I personally began my MMA training on the sunny island of Bali and have found the depth of training available to be of a very high standard.

If you’re planning to spend a training vacation in Bali, then I highly recommend it, and by the end of reading this article, you should have a great idea of which one is right for you.

Let’s get on to discussing the best MMA gyms in Bali!

Bali MMA

Bali MMA logo on the gym wall

Location: Canggu, Bali

Notable Fighters:

BaliMMA is where it all started for me. I was in a rough time in my life and I suddenly fell in love with the idea of training in the martial arts to help me overcome my life stresses.

As I was looking for somewhere new to travel to and leave my home country behind, I was pondering Bali, Indonesia, and came across BaliMMA’s Instagram. I could see through their daily posting that they had a quality team of instructors, with a lot of smiling faces, and plenty of beginners walking through their doors.

Bali MMA gym floor in July 2019
Bali MMA gym floor in July 2019

I needed somewhere that was ready to take in beginners, like me, at the time. And since Bali has a regular influx of traveling tourists, some of which have an interest in MMA, there was plenty of options offered at BaliMMA to start learning the basics.

BaliMMA has always had a large offering of classes, that is still constantly being improved and updated to give every student greater choice with what they want to learn or advance in.

Bali MMA gym floor in March 2020
Bali MMA gym floor in March 2020

In particular, they offer a variety of Muay Thai, Boxing, and BJJ (Gi & No Gi) classes almost every day of the week. Recently, they’ve added even more specific classes like Wrestling and MMA training with Don Carlo-Clauss.

BaliMMA’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are led by the black-belt Leone Brothers, Anthony Leone and Andrew Leone, who have both fought at professional MMA competitions. Anthony has fought in Bellator, and ACB, among others. Andrew has fought under One Championship, as well as other smaller promotions.

Not only are the martial arts classes on offer varied, but they also have been building up their classes for pushing peak strength and performance for their professional fighters alongside amateurs who want to push themselves further. BaliMMA has classes for Strength & Performance, Combat Fit, Cardio Capacity, and Flexibility & Mobility (Yoga style).

There’s a range of skillsets here from ground fighting to stand-up, with deep knowledge throughout the coaches and a strong desire to teach from them all. If you’re new to MMA and looking to build a good foundation, you can’t go too far wrong.

Soma Fight Club

Soma Fight Club fight night in October 2021
The second Soma Fight Club fight night in October 2021

Locations in: Canggu, Bali and Denpasar, Bali

Notable Fighters:


Soma Fight Club opened its doors in 2021, battling against the impacts of the COVID-19 era. Its creation was led by the ex-head striking coach of BaliMMA, Mike Ikelei. It was also a partnership with professional One Championship fighter, Gianni Subba, who leads the club’s fighting team and many of its classes as Head Coach.

Soma Fight Club in Canggu sees a range of people coming through its doors since launching, including tourists and expats, but already has a strong fight team of primarily Indonesian fighters.

Soma also has a second gym based out of Denpasar in Bali, which is led by their One Pride MMA fighter, Wallie Teo.

The Denpasar club was a restoration of a previously closed gym due to COVID-19. And the intention over there is to create a breeding ground for young fighters, that live in the densely populated area of Denpasar, to improve their skills and start their fighting careers.

I personally trained in classes and private sessions with Mike, and Gianni, whilst they were still affiliated with BaliMMA. When they opened their own fight gym, it was a natural continuation for me to follow them and keep studying from them.

I have learned a lot of different skills and attitudes for fighting from both these coaches, and have enjoyed having so much more to learn from them by sticking with them and supporting their transition to Soma Fight Club.

Soma smashed into Bali’s desire for more fighting options that are more than just training, too. The gym has hosted regular fight night events since opening its doors, giving its own fighters plenty of opportunities to run through the fight preparation experience and improve their abilities for professional bouts.

Soma FC has a strong desire to build community, educate beginners to a competitive level, and give everyone plenty of opportunities to create like-minded friendships and help each other grow.

Aside from the fight nights, Soma is holding semi-regular meetups like training at the beach in places like Echo Beach, Bingin (Uluwatu) Beach, and even on top of Mount Batur.

There is a real feeling of comradery at Soma, and the coaches at many levels are really good at helping beginners to correct their common errors, whilst giving intermediate and advanced mixed martial artists the chance to grow even further.

The classes at Soma do have a particular weighing towards striking tutorship. The two head coaches Mike, and Gianni, are particularly focused on striking coaching.

The classes follow this pattern with mostly Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing classes, but with different aspects of each covered such as in pad work, drilling, the clinch, and sparring.

Grapplers are not completely left behind, though, with BJJ classes on several days of the week. There are also a few professional fighters and black belts that coach private sessions in the gym, like Luke Howard.

Overall, I am proud of what Soma Fight Club has already achieved and I am excited to be a part of its family.

Zealot Muay Thai Bali

Location: Canggu, Bali

Nestled close to Berawa beach and the famous Finns Beach Club lies Zealot Muay Thai. It was founded originally in Jakarta in 2011 by Jeremias Abraham.

Jeremias became an instructor through his experience training in Thailand, earning his instructor certificates at WMC Lamai Gym Koh Samui and Sinbi Muay Thai Phuket.

He went on to bring Zealot to Indonesia, furthering his career as Head Coach for the national team at the South East Games in 2013 and founding the Federation of Muay Thai Professional Indonesia.

Zealot specializes in, of course, Muay Thai and boasts classes multiple classes six days a week.

This gym has produced some decent fighters that have actually gone on to become fighters for Soma Fight Club, and I believe that there have also been crossovers with BaliMMA. In Bali, fighters will often go where there they can get paid and continue to train as a fighter; and that usually means the place with the most expat and tourists coming through.

I am yet to try Zealot myself, but I have met and trained with fighters that have come from there and I can tell they have good quality and potential in their fight game. So if you’re looking to specialize in Muay Thai, it could be a great spot to be.

Daily Gym Bali

Location: Bordering Seminyak & Canggu, Bali

Daily Gym comes into this list as one of the best budget options available on the island. But even saying budget without any intended disrespect. Because this gym has a solid quality of coaches and fighters coming through its doors looking to improve.

Even members of the team from Soma Fight Club have passed through its doors to train with, spar with, and poke out new talent for their roster here. Including Gianni Subba, Mike Ikelei, and ONE Championship fighter, Brown Pinas.

But it is cheap! As far as tourist and expat expectations go. It’s between half up to a third of the price of the premium options here in Bali. Whether you want to go for a drop-in class or get private sessions with a striking coach.

This gym covers the 2nd & 3rd floors of its building, one dedicated with a boxing ring, bags, and the expected boxing or Muay Thai equipment. And on the next floor lies their regular gym.

In both the boxing gym and the regular weights gym, the equipment is of good quality and has all the essentials plus some extras to enjoy in your training. Just don’t be surprised if you feel a little cramped now and then, and you just might have to pick out the best time of day to visit.

If you’re looking to travel to Bali for a mixed martial arts experience on a budget, this is a really decent option.

Rituals Jiu Jitsu

Location: Canggu, Bali

RitualsJJ is a BJJ-specialist gym founded in 2020, located atop Nirvana Strength, and sessions are taught by BJJ black-belt Justin Sidelle.

Justin hails from California, USA and began his own BJJ training in 2005, and was handed his black belt in 2014 from Olavo Abreu. He has competed in BJJ in the US Open, American Cup, and Taiwan International Championships.

He’s also taken his coaching skills to help professional fighters, like Luke Howard, compete in MMA fighting.

RitualsJJ is quickly becoming a popular spot in Canggu for new BJJ students as well as seasoned grapplers.

Bali Training Centre

Location: Bingin, Uluwatu, Bali

Just 400 meters from Bingin Beach in Uluwatu lies Bali Training Centre.

If you’re into surf then you’re likely to spend a lot of time on the south coast of Bali in Uluwatu, and so having a local gym for fight training might be just what you need.

BTC has regular Muay Thai classes but mostly focuses on group-based HITT training. If this sounds like something you’re into, then give them a try.

Synergy BJJ MMA Academy Bali

Location: Canggu, Bali

If you’re looking to advance your grappling abilities, Synergy BJJ could be a good place to be.

It’s propped atop a Warung in Canggu, with 360-degree views of the surrounding area. The breeze makes for a more comfortable grappling experience, as often is NOT the case in a hot and humid place like Indonesia.

The founder and head coach at Synergy is Niko Han, originally a student of Rickson Gracie who went on to study with other BJJ black-belts like Marcus Vinicius and wrestling with Eddie Bravo and Jean-Jacques Machado across America before he settled down in Indonesia.

Synergy not only has a base in Bali, but also multiple locations in Jakarta (Indonesia’s capital), other places across Indonesia through his students’ own gyms, and even Singapore.

This gym gives BJJ Gi and No-Gi classes on a daily basis. I have not tried here myself, yet, but this gym like many others offers drop-ins for an affordable fee.

Power Padz Muay Thai Bali

Location: Berawa, Canggu, Bali

Power Padz is a fairly new-on-the-block Muay Thai camp in Bali. They offer a more conventional boxercise experience that you expect to find back home in the big city.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! As it all depends on what you are looking to learn.

Power Padz offers a mix of group classes like Boxercise, Box & Booty, Beach Saturdays, and Muay Thai. Most of their class sessions are focused on Muay Thai and they help beginners and intermediates to get in plenty of pad work sessions with an experienced trainer.

They also give private training 1-on-1 sessions, particularly in Muay Thai, to help people improve their skills. All their classes and privates are really affordable, so it makes this gym another great budget option – and their equipment is very new and of a good standard.

What is particularly exciting about this gym is that they are the first MMA gym in Bali to have their own octagon cage. It’s a bit tucked away in a corner so sadly it wouldn’t be much use to put on a cage fight show, nevertheless it’s unique to have access to one of these because they are rare for any martial artist.

Dee Muay Thai

Location: Kerobokan, Bali

Just a bit further East beyond Canggu, you can find Dee Muay Thai tucked away in some bustling streets.

Dee Muay Thai is what you would consider one of the most Thai-style fighting gyms in Bali as everything is pretty traditional style towards creating excellent Muay Thai fighters. And they have the record to support it as well, as they have created successful fighters who have toured in Bali.

What’s great about Dee is that they offer full camp-style Muay Thai holidays. So if you’re looking to find a solution for accommodation, food, and training all under one roof then this team can make that happen for you.

They have their own accommodation with modern comfortable rooms and even a shared pool.

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