Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard Review: BJJ Tested

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In this review, we’re trying out the features and performance of the Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard, a popular choice among Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.

About the author: Patrick, a seasoned wrestler and martial arts enthusiast, brings his expertise to the world of grappling gear. A former South Carolina state wrestling contender, he has vast experience in high-intensity grappling.

Patrick Kircher Author

I trained and competed in wrestling during high school and picked up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the last couple of years, so I was excited to try out their rash guards and put them to the test.

Today I’m here to share what I thought about this rash guard and whether you should buy it.

Note: Hayabusa sent us this product for free and we decided to write a review on it. But our opinions are always unbiased and we’re not paid for this review.

Key takeaways

  • Colour-changing effect as you move and grapple
  • 4-way stretch for versatility 
  • Silicone waistband to hold down grappling top
  • Conforms nicely to the body
  • Shields your body from the mat and protects you from potential infection
Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard product image
Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard

Durable, color-changing grappling top, designed for Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling, featuring a silicone waistband and 4-way stretch fabric for versatility and comfort.

  • Stretchy 4-way fabric, great to grapple with
  • Color-changing fabric wows your sparring partners
  • Silicone waistband prevents shirt ride-up
  • Insanely durable
  • Long sleeve can make it harder to grab traction
  • No short-sleeve option
  • Color options are a little limited

If you prefer to get my thoughts and opinions on video, check out the full review:

Reviewing the rash guard style

This rash guard by Hayabusa is made with interwoven fabrics to make a color-changing effect while you grapple.

For example, mine is blue but as it expands you see the inner green fabrics.

Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard front view

They have a lot of different designs for rash guards but I find the color-changing aspect to be so cool and creative. 

Their other options are grey and blue, purple and black, and purple and green. It is a comfortable product with a unique design. 

Wearing the fusion rash guard

The Rash Guard is ultra form-fitting, designed to conform to your body while you roll.

In my experience, the waist area will usually ride or roll up while grappling but that was not the case here. 

How the materials feel

Closeup of fusion rash guard material

The Rash Guard is reinforced with flatlock stitching for durability. When wearing it, you can feel the thickness, but it doesn’t feel restrictive during the workout. 

Pulling down on the fusion rash guard material

It is made with 4-way stretch fabric to be as versatile as possible when training. I felt the rash guard stay in place no matter the position or scramble I got into.

The biggest benefit in my eyes is the silicone waistband at the bottom of the guard. This helps to keep it in place while grappling and rolling.

Waistband of fusion rash guard

While wrestling we would always tuck our shirts into our shorts to keep them in place, the waistband eliminates that issue.

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This gear feels great while you’re working out and is clearly made for durability

Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard product image
Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard

Insanely comfortable and awesome-looking materials make this rash guard a solid buy for No-Gi and grappling.

Using in Jiu-Jitsu

I tried this rash guard at a few No-Gi workouts and got several compliments and comments about it.

Stretching in the hayabusa fusion rash guard

Most were about how the colour changes while I roll while some were curious about the fabric. 

The creativity to layer fabrics for the color-changing effect is so cool, but the feel is what matters the most when working out. 

The guard stayed in place on my waist and arms throughout the entire workout. I enjoy the long sleeve in particular for Jiu Jitsu to cover your arm from mat contact as well. 

Up view of rash guard

I’ve practiced Jiu-Jitsu for around a year and a half now, so I still find myself being put in unfamiliar positions. And no matter the uncomfortable position I was put in, the rash guard covered my body. 

The interwoven fabrics don’t just give color-changing effects, they make the rash guard more durable and versatile. 

Using in wrestling

This rash guard is great for all types of grappling. I grew up wrestling and after years of experience, I know this would’ve improved my practices in high school.

I grew up with Eczema and to protect my skin from the mat I would wear a long-sleeved shirt with sweatpants.

My shirt would be tucked in because otherwise, it rides up during grappling. Having this guard would’ve made practice easier and safer. 

This rash guard does not expose your skin and I highly recommend it for wrestling practices. 

Personally, I enjoyed competing in short sleeves and mainly wore long sleeves when cutting weight. 

The reason is that sometimes you want the traction of skin on the mat to get up or reverse position. Having fabric can make you slide which isn’t always ideal if you’re in the bottom position.

Rear view of the rash guard

That being said, Hayabusa has several options for short-sleeved rash guards as well. I highly recommend these for anyone who regularly competes in and practices wrestling.

While I prefer short sleeves for competition, this rash guard is great for practice and cutting weight.

Final say on the Fusion Rash Guard

The Fusion Rash Guard is unique in its color-changing ability and works exactly as designed, for a shield between your skin and the mat. 

The fabric is durable and breathable while staying firm to your body and I recommend it for any form of grappling.

You can buy the Fusion Rash Guard on HayabusaFight.com here.

Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard Review: BJJ Tested 2023

In this review, we're trying out the features and performance of the Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard, a popular choice among Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.

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