What Martial Arts Does Batman Know?


Bruce Wayne (Batman) used his fist the most to fight. Ted Grant, a.k.a. Wildcat, introduced and taught Bruce how to Box.


There’s no solid proof of how and who taught Batman Kickboxing. However, it’s evident that Bruce knows how to Kickbox because of how good his punch and kick combinations are.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is used by Batman with his superb weapon handling skills, including firearms and bladed weapons. He’s also known to shove down people like in Krav Maga style.

Muay Thai

You can see Muay Thai being used in many Batman movies, either animated or not. Some examples are Batman Hush, Batman Vs. Robin, and Batman Under the Red Hood.


Judo is used by Batman in almost all of his movies.  Batman loves throwing his opponents to the ground with traditional Judo moves.


Bruce Wayne has shown his excellent ability to perform lightning-fast kicks. This style is mainly derived from his Karate expertise despite having no Karate belts.


Bruce Wayne was introduced to Ninjutsu by Kirigi, a master of Ninjutsu in the mountains of North Korea. Kirigi has taught Bruce everything he needs to know about this style.

Batman knows 127 martial arts!

It was claimed in certain Batman comics that he was a practitioner of all 127 global martial arts! That's what makes him so good at fighting. Click below to learn more about his martial arts experience!