Why Are Wrestlers Short

Why Are Wrestlers Short?

If you’ve been watching competitive wrestling in recent Olympics or tournaments, you might wonder why often a lot of wrestlers appear to be short and stocky. Competitive wrestlers are short …

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Why Do Wrestlers Chew Gum

Why Do Wrestlers Chew Gum?

Most popular wrestlers we know, like Shawn Michaels and Seth Rollins, often chew gum on camera, but why are they constantly chewing gum anyway? Both WWE and competitive wrestlers chew …

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Does Weight Matter In Wrestling

Does Weight Matter In Wrestling?

In wrestling, athletes build their skills around their physiques. We all know that size and height play a role but by how much? Weight definitely matters in wrestling because it …

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How To Join AEW Wrestling

How To Join AEW Wrestling In 7 Steps

Becoming an AEW Wrestler might be the greatest goal of any aspiring pro-Wrestler. To join AEW, start with a small wrestling school and start learning your fundamentals. Keep yourself motivated …

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